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Yup. My DD has a somewhat different name and periodically wants to change it to various popular names from the 1960s and '70s.....Lisa, Amy, and Linda are some of her favorite names. She says she gets sick of people telling her what a beautiful name she has . I've told her that I'd be glad to call her the name of her choice so that she can try it out. But she always declines. Lately she's been saying that she likes her name. I would actually be fine with her...
Your whole family will be in my thoughts and prayers.
I'm also a survivor and in a rather similar situation vis a vis my parents. I was molested by my father and my paternal grandfather. I realized several years ago that I could no longer attend family gatherings and pretend that nothing happened (which seems to be the only way that I can be part of my family of origin). Acting as though nothing had happened was just killing me. I'd have nightmares and severe PTSD/physical symptoms for weeks before and after visits every...
Cool thread. I'm so glad to know that you're all out there. Funny timing...I was just thinking about this yesterday morning. I'm 47 and I'm nursing a 5.5-year-old. She nurses once a day and is still getting some Mama milk when she nurses. She was born when I was 41 and we never had any problems with nursing. Doing CLW. I hope she weans before she leaves for college ;-).
Some of our most popular goodies: * Kid size garden trowel and seeds. * A canvas apron that kids painted at the party with fabric paints. * Necklaces/beads (I always have a beading table with cool pony beads) * Princess hats and/or crowns decorated at party. * A Kazoo * Bubbles * Sock puppets decorated at party.
OK....you've all inspired me. I have one area of anxiety that I'd like to ask about (not to hijack...). How do you figure out postage when you post items for sale on Ebay? Hope this isn't a goofy question. It's been my one obstacle to listing things on Ebay. Been buying stuff for years but have never sold anything. TIA! -StillForest
Count us in too! We're also in A2 and have friends in that wonderful cohousing community. DH isn't into it or I'd certainly be in a cohousing community. Anyway, let's use this thread to alert one another if any of us meets anyone in the greater A2 area with chicken pox. ;-) I'm actually concerned about the quality/duration of the immunity conferred by the vax. I haven't heard of any longer-term studies examining the duration of immunity after vaxing. Getting...
Interesting thread......struggling with this very issue now as we discuss college with my 16-year-old DSD. I loved the small Ivyish liberal arts colleges where I did my undergraduate work (my undergraduate experience was interrupted by an extreme family situation). I went to Amherst and Mount Holyoke. The relationships that I developed with students and professors really changed the direction of my life. It was a daily intellectual feast! I was able to really begin...
Thanks for posting that! Needed a good laugh and got it
Thank you so much for responding! I have borrowed a crate from a friend and we're going to do this. Thanks again! StillForest and Darla the dog
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