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I would also be very alarmed. My 5-year-old DD and her best male buddy (also 5) are exploring, e.g. taking their shirts off and giggling. That sort of knowledge just isn't in their repertoire.
Subbing because I think my 5 y.o. DD has a visual processing delay. Trying to figure what to do. Thank you for this thread. -StillForest
Sending lots of good thoughts out to you.
I am so very sorry. Lily, you, and all of your family are in my thoughts and prayers.
Sending prayers to Lily and your family. :
What a wonderful idea! I got teary eyed reading about your mothers. I don't have a positive relationship with my mother but would like to sub so that I can read about how I'd like my relationships with my own daughthers to be....how to better give what I never had. I love seeing/reading about healthy mother-daughter relationships. Sorry if OT... Thank you for the thread!
Thank goodness you caught it before something far worse happened. We've had two recent fires in my area that began with unattended pans on stove and ended with children dying trapped in burning houses. So incredibly tragic.
Hi PAflower, Don't want to read without posting. I have wonderful memories of camping in the Adirondacks as a child. Drove through there a few years ago and was delighted to see that many areas were still relatively uncommercialized...though was stunned when I saw the build up around Lake George. May want to post this over in the NY section of Finding Your Tribe for well informed responses.
Funny! I was just straightening up/reminiscing over the huge pile of dust jackets that I have stashed away in a closet. I'm also a geek about this and plan to reunite them with their books when DD is older.
Lots of good advice here. I only want to emphasize the importance of having a really good advisor/dissertation chair. I just finished my PhD in another field and, despite my very best eforts, really did not get the mentoring that I needed. It's very difficult to case out potential mentors from a distance. Mentorship is critical at the PhD level and contiues to be essential afterward as one begins an academic career. This may differ somewhat by field. I'm in the...
New Posts  All Forums: