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DS will be 3 this weekend.  Our IEP meeting is Thursday.  We finished assessments this morning, and I finally got to talk to someone from his therapist's office who said that their experience with our insurance company indicated we should get coverage for just about anything we asked for (obviously within reason).    He has been in 25 hrs/week of ABA since January.  He has made great strides in communication, where he can actually answer a simple question now (it was...
PT Cruiser.  With a DH who is 6'4". 
Since I just had to trash my TFP because of an accident, now I can get something that actually fits in my car.    So, when she outgrows the SnugRide 35, what should we be getting that will actually fit front-to-back?  It needs to have a tall shell,my DS is 40 lbs and 40 inches at 35 mos, and was on the last FF strap slot in the TFP.    The TFP was so big front to back when RF that the front seat was completely unusable. The Snug Ride is a tight squeeze right now,...
Thank you Maedze for the quick reply.  They have both been replaced.  I couldn't find a TFP locally, so I got a Britax Frontier 85, which we were going to have to get soon anyway.  Going to have to figure out what to get the baby when she outgrows the Snug Ride now, but we've got a few months for that. 
Got rear ended while I was sitting at a light this morning.  No physical damage to the car, the other person just mis-judged the distance.  I had the True Fit Premiere and the base for the Snugride 35 in the car (but not the seat itself).    I can't find the info on whether these both need to be replaced.  Graco says the seat would need to be replaced, but the seat wasn't in the car, only the base was.  Does the base need to be replaced?  Neither customer service...
Happy August, ladies! It's amazing how time flies when they're so little.
If your hubby is a naysayer, I'd go with a pocket, honestly. They go on exactly like a sposie, although I'd get snaps, not velcro, it lasts longer. My top recommendation is Rumparooz. They fit Ezri when she came home from the hospital at 8 lbs. They still fit Avery, he's almost 3 and 40 lbs. AND the nice thing about RaR is that they maintain value. You can resell them for a good price (more than 50% of retail). They also last, I have some that are on their 3rd kid and...
Forest - DreamEze are discontinued. They were my fave, too. Their last mfg run was poorly made and ran smaller than previous runs. It was a huge disappointment.
KM - first thing to determine is priorities. Cost? Ease of use? Quick/easy washing/drying? Daycare friendly? All natural fibers? Etc. With DS I prioritized natural fibers and went with fitteds/wool. Not a cheap option. With DD, I'm all about easy, so we're mostly using (synthetic) pockets. Also not cheap.
Maryam - i have half a dozen flats you can borrow. I've got tons of dipes you can test before buying. You can also bring your diaper laundry over to wash.
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