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Your landlord sounds like a nice, reasonable and approachable sort. :) I'd ask him, like others suggested, if he would mind the painting of the panels to modernize the space. He may offer to pay for some of the paint if you make the case that updating could add value.   I would also talk to him about your security concerns...he may not like shady types hanging around his property.   As for DP, I think that you should have a heart-to-heart with him. If being in...
I'm afraid of Sam's Club. I have a fear of something up in topstock crashing down and smooshing me.
It's been hit or miss with DD today. She'll be fine and then WHAM, she starts crying. She has decided that in the spring, we need to plant a memorial garden with roses and un-poison ivy. So sweet, it had me in the bathroom crying. I miss my sweet Abbykitty. Such an old girl, we knew it had to happen soon, but still...I want my kitty.
DH is currently playing it obsessively, if that helps answer your question.
DD is not doing well. Actually, none of us are. Any advice on how to help her through this?
Thank you. We just told DD.
January 20, 1994 - October 30, 2010. She had a good run. I think I'm going to be sick.
$69.99 for FiOs. I like my internet zooming fast. We justified the cost by ditching the landline and getting a Magic Jack instead.
Quote: Originally Posted by Sharlla Check out Kmart, they have fleece sheets any size for $20 (reg $25) and they are sooooo warm and cozy. i actually prefer them over my fleece ones. Posted via Mobile Device I just bought a set of Kmart flannel sheets for our guest room, but will probably end up putting them on our bed.
DD is just starting to get out of this habit...she had a stretch when she would correct her friends' grammar and it went really, really poorly once. DD thought she was helping, but of course the other kids didn't see it that way. We had to have many a talk about people learning at their own pace.
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