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With all due respect this is something I have put A LOT of time into learning about...it seems most people truly do not get the far reaching effects of TT. And it IS a defect. I DO agree it is genetic as well...I believe there are multiple factors to consider.
I keep googling my own thread! but since it popped up. Just sharing that eventually I did go to Dr Kotlow in NY (I also saw Ann Faust, who helped with a couple things). Dr Kotlow said it looked as if she'd never been revised. I will never go back to Dr G and would discourage others...we ended up having 3 separate revisions and could have just had one if we went to Dr Kotlow first. I thin Dr G is kind, but, does not really know posterior ties and lip ties as he should.
I agree that people probably were more aware in the past, also that we are connecting more (and I think awareness is on the (slow)) rise again). That said, I personally believe all of our toxins we get exposed to are increasing it some. tongue tie is,a midline defect, I know I read recently that three is Dionne thought midline defects are caused by folic acid (synthetic form of folate).....
I respect your opinion, but, in our case, with a baby who has significant allergies and failure to thrive on combo of breastmilk and commercial formula along with reflux which she was aspirating, it its by far the best choice for us. To R J: I researched extensvely and modified several recipes according to my baby's needs and my comfort level...I'd recommend you do the same. :-)
I don't, but, I've had several babies with those issues and they were all tongue tied, things ate getting easier with my youngest (we revised her lip and tongue ties)
Me too :-)
It's best to work with an IBCLC who is skilled with tongue tie for suck training etc. But, a few thigns we do are:   Rub tongue with electric tooth brush (builds muscle tone), we rub back to front, side to side, really everywhere.   I left her suck my finger (nail side down) then flip it over and place pressure against her tongue and slowly "walk" it towards the tip of her tongue   I put a soothie pacifier in her mouth and gently pull - just enough for her to...
Curious how OP is doing as well? :-)
Yes, up and back, and massage over the whole base of the tongue (including the revision site) try to get in and out of baby's mouth as quick as possible. ((hugs)) It's common not to recieve good stretching instructions...if any at all.   The most important thing is that the provider understands breastfeed and ideally tongue tie (if not, that they at least work with babies regularly). If you have two good options, I believe craniosacral therapy is more highly...
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