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You need to stretch/massage to avoid reattachment, chiro or craniosacral therapy to releaser muscle tension, stick training (IBCLC can hero with this) to relearn. There is an awesome FB group called "tongue tie babies support" that can help guide you also :-)
There are many midline defects, including heart defects (not sure if the one your child has is our not) and tongue tie. Falling asleep at breast, lips stick nipples, bottle preference, nipple pain, and gulping at the breast as well add poor milk transfer are all signs of tongue tie. I wonder if that may be an issue as well....
That sounds so much like tongue tie....at least on my experience. And it took a TON of professionals to get it diagnosed with my youngest (never figured it out with my older two). Interestingly, after proper revision and craniosacral therapy my youngest went from being behind on her motor skills and failing to thrive to gaining weight and being at or ahead off her milestones. Incredible. You might look up and join "tongue tie babies support group" on Facebook and post your...
  Wow...guess I never updated LOL!!! So 2 kids later...   I did NOT have thrush!! I was tested for that and bacterial infections and it was negative...the pain lessened when he was about 6 months old. I just found out a few months ago (he's 5!) that he has a tongue tie which was causing all my pain! Crazy! My younger two also had tongue ties, just finally got my youngest diagnosed and released a few months ago and will soon be getting the big kids done as they both still...
IMO that sounds like a doctor very incompetant with tongue tie...but, I certainly hope he is right!
Did he not have a tongue tie released? Craniosacral therapy/chiropractic care can help a lot post revision.
I'm sorry but block feeding is NOT a good idea with a tongue tied baby...if OP reduces her supply than her baby may end up not being able to transfer milk and have serious issues. In fact, I have had 3 tongue tied children, only the youngest was revised. My oldest nursed for 3 years (though looking back with all the knowledge I have now he did have issues, I just didn't realize it), with my second my milk went from "oversupply" at his birth to nothing - not even a single...
I am still learning, but, we did similar diet changes to you...took us a little while to find everything that was causing issues. And we are doing lots of probiotics etc..trying to keep things even more natural/organic/unprocessed...avoiding allopathic medications etc.
I was told as long as the tongue and lip ties are still intact the baby will just continue to develop new sensitivities. Also that both mama and baby need to do gut healing
Sorry I missed that one, Hun!   FWIW I had a ton of CST which did not help, but, when I saw a different one it helped a lot. It does sound horrible that they would assure you they knew the answers...how could they? I'm so sorry you are going through this.
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