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Have you tried craniosacral therapy (some chiropracters do this)? First it helps the baby get full tongue mobility after the revision, second, even if it doesn't help get her to latch they can have restrictions from the tongue tie that go throughout their entire body.. Not kidding at all, my daughter was behind in her motor skills and stronger on one side of the body than the other (so I thought), after several sessions of craniosacral therapy she "evened out" and then...
I have two unrevised children and 1 revised (my youngest). My oldest nursed for 3 years and I tandem nursed..oversupply etc...as soon as my oldest weaned my milk dried up so badly I could not squeaze one drop out...the baby couldn't suck well enough to maintain my supply. Today they are 3 and 5...my 5yo has asthma which I attribute to constant lung infections (likely caused by aspiration from lack of tongue mobility/coordination), my 3yo only got off pureed food a few...
I had very similar issues when tandem nursing my boys...I found out later (2 years later) that my little one had a pretty severe tongue tie - I just had not known what to look for at the time. Eventually my milk dried up and he started refusing the breast all the time and I gave up. My youngest also has a tongue tie, which I got diagnosed and revised and she has had craniosacral therapy and she is enjoying the breast so much better, clicking so much less..still gagging...
Excellent! Are you getting the help you need to get it revised? Are you aware to do bodywrok before and after and are you aware of the proper methods for stretching post revision? Are you a member of the facebook group Tongue Tied Babies Support Group?   My babe had a PTT too
mother to mother donation through facebook pages eats on feets or human milk for human babies would be my suggestion
I think it sounds smart to stick with the elimination diet a bit longer too and see how baby does...if his poos get better you know it is allergies. Then maybe you could start introducing things one at a time...   I never did a TED, but, I did find out I needed to aboid dairy, soy, gluten and corn for my daughter to have normal poo and gain weight..also took away her diaper rash and hives and excessive sweat, reflux.
I make my own with raw goat milk, though when I first started I used processed goat milk and it was still good. I modified a few recipes and it doesn't cost me much at all to make.
Green mucusy poops really sound like allergies...what have you eliminated and for how long?   Have you tried supplimenting at the breast (with a Medela SNS or Lactaid) to encourage him to keep suckling which should increase supply?
I have also posted on this thread before....had horrible pain fort 6 months with my first ..nursed him over 3 yrs and was never entirely pain free, I did not have pain with my second but my milk dried up, with my 3rd I once again had horrible pain...even worse than the first...she also lost weight fort a month aster birth which caused me to investigate more. She had a posterior tongue tie...I have spent a ton of time now learning about tongue tie and know that my other two...
Can you or she join the tongue tied babies support group on Facebook? That might help her find dinner good resources for IBCLC etc...and syne more advice in revising or not...in my onion if she its having those issues being told not to revise is horrible advice
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