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I had to get craniosacral therapy (some chiropracters and some massage therapists do it) in order to maximize my daughter's tongue movement after her revisions (she also needed 2 because the first doctor did not fully revise it). She's 2 months out from her second revision (7 months old) and nursing is soooooo much better. Not perfect by any stretch, but, it is contueing to improve the more craniosacral we do. The thing is that the tie causes muscle restriction and that...
Sticking the tongue out far does not at all mean baby is not tongue tied...it has more to do with the elivation and moms story...with the torn up nipples and non latching it sounds very much like a tongue tie. I would highly recommend she find a better IBCLC who is very familiar with tongue tie including posterior tongue ties. The best thing she can do is get that revised as quickly as possible and do bodywork - I highly recommend craniosacral therapy before and...
Upper lip ties almost always come with posterior tongue ties...it can take many many many professionals to get them diagnosed and treated...we went through the ringer with that. Can you joinb the FB group "tongue tie babies support group"? You may be able to find some local resources there...could also post pics of your baby's tongue and lip and there are IBCLCs on there that can help you figure out if it is tied or not...I'm willing to bet its a posterior tongue tie...
I think its highly subjective too..people have different pain tolerance levels...I could deal with the passion from my first baby (it was bad, but, I pushed through), but, my 3rd it was freaking incredible...I had no idea how bad the pain could be. I wanted to throw my newborn baby across the room..the pain was unreal.
I make my own from goat milk, I'd use donor milk if my baby didn't have so many allergies
I'd back off on the solids and nurse as much as possible..breast milk had more calories :-) how's distort output? I give my teeny show to grow baby some coconut oil (though not sure I would of I wasn't already supplementing her)...haven't had a weight check since I started, so not sure if its helping.
Never would have crossed my mind either..thankfullya LLL leader attested out to nee this time...this is my third baby and finally all my breastfeeding struggles with my other babies ATTE explained add well!Good luck!
Lip stick nipples and not staying latched ate reef flags for tongue tie...I suggest you google tongue tie, including posterior tongue tie, and see if any other signs/symptoms resonate with you...
I had to eliminate dairy, soy, corn, and gluten before all of my DD's symptoms cleared up.
Adding that coconut or olive oil worked best on my sore nipples..everything else caused more pain
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