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I'm sorry, I disagree. Pain is normal...nipple trauma and excruciating pain is not. I nursed DS1 for 4 years. It hurt for 6 months...I saw every specialist imaginable and everything wad "ok" - I called him a "little shark" I nursed DS2 for 6 months (milk dried up) - he had a weak suck and it didn't hurt at all I'm still nursing DD1 (7 months) but the first 7 weeks I had passion so bad I had to scream in a pillow when I latched her, she, too, wad checked for everything...
Found this old thread on a search I was doing for haberman feeders and tongue tie...anyway thought this might be worth a bump :-)
Its not your fault! I know how stressful it is...I'm so sorry you are going through this and I hope things get easier soon.
I'm a working mom right now, but, soon to be home....I did once get sick and have to be hospitalized and was too sick to pump so I was happy I had a stash. I have no stash anymore, and I plan to pump once a day in the morning to start building it back up...once I have about a week supply I will probably stop again.
You actually can buy the Avent massage petals...just call Avent customer service and ask for a "replacement massage petals" :-)
Sometimes it is helpful to offer a little bit of suppliment first, then breastfeed...if baby is less hungry they may be more patient with the breast   I would say keep it gentle and fun...I think I pushed my DS2 too hard when trying to get him back to the breast and it didn't go well...I often think if I had kept it more positive we may have been successful.
I've only used an SNS - but I think the idea is the same.   The idea is that baby is stimulating supply while getting suppliment if mom doesn't have enough milk - while pumping after will just encourage supply even more, you do not neccesarily have to. It also helps baby associate milk with the breast and could be benificial in getting baby back to the breast.   It will only work if your LO can latch/suck effectivily. My DD can't/couldn't suck well (getting much...
I'm wondering if he is nursing like a newborn, because it is new again...maybe the novelty of it, as well as trying to regulate your supply to the perfect amount for him. It's also not unusual for a baby that age to start waking a lot again...breast or bottle fed   I also want to say how awesome you are for relactating and how awesome it is you got him back to the breast....and thank you so much for sharign such a an encouraging story!
Please do update...and not awful at all! While it's not an instant fix for everyone (for some it is), it's just great to have an answer and know things can improve dramtically from getting the problem solved!
My DD was assessed by 3 IBCLCs, a pediatrician, and an ENT before she finally got diagnosed (my another ENT and a 4th IBCLC...at least she admitted that PTTs are not her strength!)   Most babies do better with the bottle than breast, a lot do jsut fine with the bottle (mine didn't, but, I think the norm is that they feed pretty well with a bottle - even mine did much better with bottle than breast). Remember the milk from a bottle drips out, so baby does not need a...
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