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The exercises are a MUST, and it sounds like you are doing them perfectly. They are brutal...really...it's SUCKS. But, imagine how much worse it will be if you LO's tongue tie grows back and you have to re-clip it and then do the exercises again? Also, my little girl (clipped by laser, which is actually supposed to have less chance of regrowth than scissors - nto sure which method was done on your DD) had a slight regrowth AFTER 2 weeks, thankfully I was able to pull it...
It depends on your location. I borrowed a Bailey Nurture II with DS2, then when DD was born they let me have to keep a Medela PIS - I just had to sign that I wouldn't accept formula from WIC for 6 months.
Can you put her on the other side of your DH, or at least place pillows in between you? Maybe if you aren't so accessible she won't wake to nurse as much.
Well if he is still rooting, he is still hungry. Do you think you have a fast letdown though? If the milk is coming to fast it could cause him to spit up. IF it is a fast letdown, you can just try leaning back more while nursing, or if the milk is spraying out you can take him off for a minute and let it spray in a towel before putting him back.
Could be possible I suppose, but, if it makes you feel any better, we let my tongue tied baby sleep because our doctor said she would wake when she was hungry....she would never wake...EVER. She lost a lot of weight and I think her energy went way down from not feeding enough...it got worse to the point we really couldn't wake her and did not improve until after we started supplimenting to get a little milk back into her. So it may have actually been good your baby was...
MY baby had a tongue tie and we had to suppliment with bottle also...so no condemnation there, I understand :-) a pound in the week is amazing! We've been about a pound a month! We fortify the suppliment too. My DD can transfer much better sicne getting her tongue tie fixed - we are still supplimenting the high calorie formula a few times a day though just because she is so so small.   If baby is sucking well you can also try an at breast supplimenter (SNS or...
Just remember that if baby is being supplimented you need to pump each time to maintain supply, also remember that babies will take more from the bottle than the boob, because it (usually) comes out quicker and they do not have time to realize they are full.
I'm no help on how to avoid it. I will say DS1 was still nursing when I had DS2 and he adjusted too the new baby much better than DS2 (not nursing) adjusted to DD. DS1 nursed a lot more often street DS2 wad born, but, to me it was easier to deal with him by offering the boob than other methods. That said I just loved tandem nursing and I knower its not for everyone though.
That's great she is gaining weight!   The lipstick like nipple means baby's latch is too shallow...this often happens from tongue tie. Sometiems moms don't have any pain until their baby gets teeth.
Yes - forgot to comment on the feeding...I would do no more than 3 hours even if you have to wake the baby, I would do more like every 1-2 hours...the slightest sign of hunger.
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