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This is my then 26 month old, and 3 day old sons tandem nursing, this is right after the home health nurse our hospital sent us showed us how to tandem easily. My oldest went on to nurse until over 3..tandem nursing was one of the most beautiful experiences ever..and since my second son had an undiagnosed tongue tie, I credit him being able to nurse despite his weak suck to his older brother nursing and helping maintain my milk supply for him. :-)  
Sounds like you are doing great! One of my kids was FF from early on...we still had a great experience "bottle nursing" as you describe. He is 3 years old and thriving both physically and mentally with a healthy attachment :-)
Oh yeah, I also cut dairy from my diet
We've been dealing with that as well...My DD was only 3lbs over her birthweight at 5 months old (and it took her 7 weeks to regain her birthweight). We haven't figured it out yet, but, I think it was due to her burning too many calories while feeding because of her tongue tie...we just had it clipped 2 weeks ago though, so it's too early to tell if it has helped. I wonder even if you tried soem bodywork with your little one she might become mroe efficient and maybe it...
Have you had your baby assessed for a tongue tie - including the hard to diagnose POSTERIOR tongue tie?   My DD seemed to have a "poor suck" and did not empty my breasts, lost weight for several weeks and also had tramendous dificulty with the bottle... a lot of times babies with tongue tie choke/having swallowing disorders, and do not transfer milk well. This sends off an alarm to me. Do you have any pain while nursing? Are your nipples round or kind of flattened...
Exactly what I was thinking....lipstick means baby does not have enough areola in their mouth, caused by a bad latch, which could very likely be caused my a tongue tie.
Could you be about to get your period? That always does it for me...as does being sick...either way it returns to its normal state afterwards
I was thinking posterior tongue tie too...
I would definitly try craniosacral...even if it doesn't help nursing (which it probably will) it will be good for her in other ways... I've taken my DD 3 times and will continue at least once a month...which I had started right after birth!
I just ordered mine from inhousepharmacy.biz without a prescription
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