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Me too!!! And I only have 1! I actually took him to the playground yesterday, he threw a fit because I wouldn't let him play on the slide, and I just picked him up and went home---I had so many parents staring, but, I just couldn't deal with it! Then we got home and I just put him in the bathtub (picture him kicking and screaming) and DH came over and said (the outlawed sentence) "I know it's just your hormones...let me take over and sit down by yourself." Seriously...
For me it was as soon as my supply came back up, which was around the beginning of the 3rd trimester.
I'm sorry for the family issues some of you are facing. I'm 37wks today! I got a few things done also, I washed my stroller covers, put the car seat together (that was difficult!) and started packing my "hospital bag" but, I had to clean too because we had to show our apartment tonight. We rent a duplex and our downstairs neighbors are moving and our landlord is letting us move downstairs for the same rent! YAY!!!! (Though it looks like our move will be right around my...
Congrats! I'm glad it all turned out well and you are both home safe.
So frustrated! It took about 6mos until DS latched well and nursing didn't hurt, by 17mos I was pregnant and it hurt, by 22mos it didn't hurt anymore, but, just in last week or two he it hurts again! I think it's partially because my breasts are getting really full and when he first latches, until he gets some milk out and my nipples are longer it feels like knives! But, he is also trying to talk with the nipple still in his mouth, and his latch is getting "lazy" again...
My 1/2 Puerto Rican son asks for "leche" (milk)--funny thing is, he calls cow milk in English most of the time, and he calls my breasts "leches"
I'll be 37wks on Monday, but, my CNM counts 36wks as term...so according to that I'm there! I was 40wks 4 days (u/s) or 40wks exactly (LMP) with DS1---so I think it will be a while yet.
Yep, I've been wondering if it is just him being "2" or that he senses something is happening or both. He doesn't listen to me at all, he whines all the time, he nurses excessively (I'm pretty sure he'd hang off my boob all day if I let him). In short, he's driving me nuts! LOL
Quote: Originally Posted by Quindin That's the whole problem some of us are having: we cannot possibly be sure when the birth is actually starting! That's why we don't know when to call. And it is not because we don't know what being in labor feels like. I have done it 5 times before. It is because prodromal labor feels just like the real thing for a long time - just to stop after a while... That is just it! I didn't get his with DS1...
I'm taking DS1 to the lake beach today...then over the weekend we have a local strawberry festival and then getting together with my BFF before she moves really far away, church, and a family picnic through my work--we were going to do the hospital tour too, but, no time!
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