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I stumbled across this one day: www.solveeczema.org Haven't tried it myself but it's an interesting theory that detergents are the cause (including detergent residues on dishes etc and this sensitizes the gut etc) and a well-written website.
ok, thanks. Any particular brands to recommend? How long do I keep giving them? years? kehliouise - I guess the general idea is that probiotics can only help... but especially after antibiotics etc... I don't know much more than that.
I'm wondering if it's enough for me to take probiotics or if I should give some directly to my 2.5 mo old. We both had antibiotics at birth (infection, c-section, and he was in the NICU on abx for 2 wks). I've been taking probiotics for over a year and still am. Should I give him any directly (how? what kind?) or is he getting good bacteria from me? He's exclusively breastfed. We're not having any problems at the moment, but want to be proactive about it since a c/s plus...
Thanks everyone for all your replies! I bought the tickets for the red-eye, so we will see... He sleeps well at night now, and also likes sleeping in a sling right now so hopefully that'll still be the case in two months. I probably won't be able to sleep much, but after we arrive I can sleep while his grandparents take over for a bit! The key thing for me will be to stay relaxed no matter what happens.
I need to fly in June with a 4.5 mo old. It's a 4.5 hour flight. Should I take the red-eye with the hope that he'll sleep the whole time? I'm guessing I won't get much sleep myself, but maybe that's worth it? It's certainly cheaper. Any thoughts/tips? Thanks!
I think they have it at Whole Foods.
I like Earth Mama-Angel Baby Natural Nipple Butter. It's vegan and not sticky, but it seems to have an olive oil base with little bits of shea butter and other stuff, so it's only a bit 'thicker' than just olive oil.
Can I wash lots of different types of diapers together? I have been using prefolds and bummis covers for my newborn but need to figure out what to do next as he gets bigger. I will get some larger covers so I can keep doing prefolds, but would really like to get some all-in-ones or pocket diapers. I'm thinking of a few Bumgenius 3.0s, SposoEasy AIOs, maybe some FBs. I'm actually inclined to keep with cotton, so the SposoEasy is attractive that way. (Are there other...
I am 5 weeks postpartum, exclusively breastfeeding, and will be a bridesmaid in a wedding in three months. Right now the dress I have won't zip up - I think my ribcage is too big still. Is there any hope that it will fit in 3 months or do I need to find a larger size? I went roughly from a 34A/B before pregnancy to a 36C bra size now. Will my ribcage be back to normal by the end of June?
i'm still here too! (you guys all just get up earlier than i do...) 42 weeks today. i didn't sleep well last night. every time i woke up to use the bathroom i stayed awake for a long time with images of the IV and the hospital gown and the pitocin... i'm scheduled for an induction tomorrow!! there's no way around it at this point i guess. i have my moments of freaking out about the baby moving too. some days are just more quiet than others. yesterday i went to check...
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