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Talk to me about iron. :)   My level was 9.6 from a draw last week.
I've actually read it is possible for a woman to lose/regain her plug multiple times. :)
Beautiful birth story and beautiful little girl.  Congratulations!    (My first came baby came about 15 days early and also had some vernix.)
I sew my own cloth changing pads with PUL/cotton but I wanted to have a few disposable ones on hand when out.  The disposable "baby" ones are expensive for what they are.  I wonder if just regular old Chux pads (or other underpads from medical supply/birth supply store) would work just as well?  Much cheaper!
I can't think of how needing a pacifier would ever be an emergency.  The same goes for bottles.  You'll have time to get these things if you need them.   What I think is MUCH more important to plan (which I did not with my first and regretted it later) is to read up on all the common questions asked by first time moms who are breastfeeding (kellymom.com) - things like knowing how to count wet/poopy diapers, understanding clusterfeeding, knowing that breastfed babies...
Yes, giving a baby water in a bottle is dangerous and can lead to hypernatremia which can be fatal. I would never give a baby water.  
I was pretty sure I felt baby turn about a week ago.  It was after I started wearing a maternity belt on and off because my hips were killing me but I'm not sure if that was a contributing factor or not.   I have one of those devices that is like a battery powered stethoscope and finally found her heartbeat... at the TOP of my uterus so now I'm pretty convinced she is breech.  I did feel some hiccups down low early but the heartbeat is a more convincing sign to me...
My midwife offered it with my first at 36 weeks (not supposed to start before then) but I decided against it.  I couldn't find any good evidence beyond anecdotal that it actually worked and there was some evidence that it could cause complications.  I eventually decided to just let nature take its course.
Any recommendations for a perineal cold pack?  I'm trying to avoid the ammonium nitrate instant ones.   Maybe something that goes in the freezer and is reusable.  Homemade works too.
Congratulations!  Best of luck to you and your little one.
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