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I think all the hype around listeria is pretty overblown. There are .29 cases per 100000 people in the US according to the CDC. The last documented outbreak was in 2011 from cantaloupe, but I've never seen a single piece of literature aimed at pregnant women telling them to avoid cantaloupe. I also don't see anyone recommending pregnant women not consume raw vegetables which can be a source of listeria. All the nuttyness around this type of dietary restriction is a...
 Stretchy band skirts is the way around them. ;)
Yep. I found out on Sunday. I just did another one of the internet cheapies last night to see if it got the line faster and darker. It did. I'm totally willing to spend a few dollars to ease my mind until my first appointment.
 I'd find a different OB. I've never even heard of such a thing. Is there anyone that you can get a recommendation from?
My first appointment is March 4th. It's so far away! I'm going to be a bit nervous until I can see the heartbeat.
I'll be trying to do stretching, prenatal yoga, upper body strength training, and walking several days a week. I'm hoping if I stay active I won't get horrible hip pain like I did last time around. But if I do I'll have to modify the routine.
I'm still nursing my 8 month old. I'm hoping he'll be able to nurse through my entire pregnancy.
Since I can get away with casual dress 99% of the time Old Navy Maternity is my fav. I fit into their jeans and the maxi skirts are so comfortable. Only problem is having t-shirts that are actually long enough at the end. The tank tops are fine though.   I'd be dreading maternity clothes if I had to do business dress though since none of the stuff at the other chains fit me my first time around and I was smaller then.
I'm not sure. This is supposed to be my last one. But now that it's here I don't want it to be. :( My husband would not be a happy camper if I told him I wanted 4 kids.....   I think prenatal massages are definitely in order this time around.
We'll be waiting to tell my 7 year old until after the first U/S at least. The baby is too young to understand, and will be fore a long time yet. Once we're "out," so to speak, we'll make sure we talk about the growing baby a lot. I hope he'll be able to start to form an attachment while I'm pregnant to make the transition easier. He will be close to 16 months old when the new baby comes.
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