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We have 3 kids and just moved to Santa Cruz from Minneapolis last month! The first week we lived here I was carless, so the kids and I walked everywhere, and I definitely got a lot of, "Wow, are they all yours?" remarks. (It doesn't help that I'm young and look even younger.) I was actually feeling kind of down about it for awhile. Almost all of our friends in MN have 3+ kids, and I was hoping to find some other "big" families out here. I think the cost of living...
I'm also curious about Cedarwood Sudbury School in Santa Clara, but it looks like it's no longer in operation.
How about Njeri's Morning Glory School in San Jose? We're relocating to the area in a couple months and I came across this K-5 Waldorf school while looking for options for my son, who will also be in kindergarten this Fall. 
3 times in the last year I've had a strange reaction where I start getting redness and a burning/itching feeling at my joints. It comes on pretty suddenly. It usually starts at my knuckles and spreads to my elbows, shoulders, knees, toes, and also my face and ears. I don't think it's technically a rash, more like some sort of vascular reaction. There are no bumps, just flat, red splotchy areas, and it goes away after 30-60 minutes.   I've taken Benadryl at the onset...
I'm a fan of Mothering on Facebook. Thanks for the giveaway!
Are you comfortable letting him sleep on his tummy? Many babies sleep much better this way since it prevents them from startling. Mazie usually sleeps on her side, but I'd feel fine with her on her tummy if I'm awake in the same room. She rarely ever nurses to sleep because once she's full, she gets really irritated if milk continues to flow. So after she nurses, I usually end up laying in bed next to her and letting her suck on my pinky until she's deep enough in sleep...
Thankfully, Mazie seems to be ok in the car most of the time. It really helps that she has her fabulous big sister right next to her to keep her company.  It's so much harder when it's your first, and they're alone back there crying inconsolably. With #2 and #3 we skipped the infant (bucket) seats, but we did have one with #1. Because it was a lot shorter than a convertible, I was able to reach back and let her suck on the pinky of my right hand while driving with my...
Congratulations! What an amazing story!
We ended up with a girl, just like my 3 year old predicted! We even ended up using the name he chose for her months ago. She's the perfect addition to our family!
What beautiful babies!   Here's Mazie Belle at 6 days. She's a smiley one. :)  
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