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WOW thanks for the quick replies!   Just looked at our growth chart, Easton is right at 47 inches... so I am thinking I should hand his down to Junah and get E the Frontier.    Thank you for all the advice, it was just what I needed to hear.   I live in Germany, can I do the BRU thing?   Thank you for the Birthday wishes!  I can't believe three years ago tonight I went to bed having no idea the next morning I would be in full blown labor!
I really look forward to hearing some outside opinions on this.  DH is of no help at all here!   My youngest son, Junah, will be three tomorrow.  He has always rear faced, and has no problem with it.  ( even though his older brother has been forward face since J was born)  I figured out this week he was 36 lbs so for his Marathon I need to turn him around.  Also, his seat expires this month so there is a new seat that is getting bought, the question is which?  Here...
I want to say the one in Otterberg goes through grundshule at least.   I live about 5 min from Otterberg in a VERY small farm town and we adore it!  I at first wanted him in Waldorf but I am so happy with out village Kindergarten that I am not thinking of changing right now.  We will see how it goes next year when he starts grundschule.   Here is the link it does go through the older grades as well.   http://www.fws-otterberg.de/index.php?id=32
Where are you? I am in the Kaiserslautern Area. I had my first here and it was AMAZING. I am also a doula if you need to talk. Hope you get what you want here it is amazing!
I am so glad to hear this!!! I was sure that others followed this diet there just didn't know how easy it was to find. What do I need to look for for Gluten free? Dinkel? Ist das Gluten? I am so rusty in my german I can't wait to get it all back!
Look at you!!! I almost died when I saw it was you and BMJ! Love and miss you all!
THANK YOU!!! PL, once again to the rescue!! P.J. do you know if it is dairy free as well? That sounds awesome!
When we lived in the Ramstien area before we did not have to worry about such things. I am gotten so used to finding what I need where I am I don't want to assume that ease when I get back next month. I am sure on base as a bit but wanted to know about off base options. Are there any stores off base in the Kaiserslautern area that are natural foods stores with gluten and dairy free offerings?
THANK YOU! This what I had saved on my old computer, PERFECT! I hope I can get him in!
I would be more concerned with the flight, some have tight restrictions on snub nosed dogs.
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