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hope it works out for you ladies!
Taximom, that is super interesting!!  I can't eat wheat either.  Wow.
I hate to say it ladies but you probably all have developed nickel allergies.  The pregnancy hormones can magnify that sort of thing.  I developed a nickel allergy in my ears only after wearing earrings for ten years straight.  It's entirely possible to have it only in your ears and only in some piercings.  My second holes are far more sensitive than my first, but nickel is the problem.  Here's the next problem.  Legally, anything under 5% nickel can be sold as nickel...
You may find that the pregnancy hormones will amplify your anxiety, especially if you are already prone to it when not pregnant.  I am prone to anxiety and have been pregnant twice.  Both times, my anxiety amped up quite a bit and didn't cool off until the baby turns six months or so.  I took medication post partum to help.  It seems to be the way the hormones affect me, even to the point that the only time I have panic attacks is while pregnant, starting at 5 weeks.  I...
I"m sorry to say I don't!  
meh.  just go with it.  she sounds like she's happy and busy and growing.  if she's nursing consistently every four hours and getting a good solid feed, I don't see any issues!  Of course just keep an eye on her growth, and wet and dirty diapers.  If all of that is in line, then there shouldn't be any issues.  I've nursed two kids so far and never watched the clock with either of them.  I have no idea how often they nursed, honestly!
sent you a pm
Honestly, we didn't really do much that helped. I tried everything under the sun. I night weaned her at 22 months because I was pregnant.  That helped somewhat, at least because then her daddy could help her just as much as I could.  Mostly though, it was time and maturity.  She goes to preschool now and is busy during the day and is old enough to understand that when she's tired, she needs to sleep etc.  Now my second baby will be turning one shortly and she's a decent...
Hello everyone.  I don't spend much time on MDC anymore but I wanted to pop in here and say that it can and will get better!  My DD is now three and a half.  She just recently started sleeping through the night, eleven hours, in her own bed.  She will get up to pee in the potty in the middle of the night, flush, and go back to bed on her own.  We are finally there!    Just to give you some background, this child darn near killed me with sleep deprivation.  She nursed...
I have GMD prefolds in a range of sizes from Newborn up to toddler.  They are color coded so they go from orange up to green and brown.  Used for one child.  More details are available if anyone is interested.  
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