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Well, I have an 8 month DD right now so we've just been through this. One thing to consider is what kind of diaper you're going to use because I find that a cloth diaper generally will bump the size up a bit since they're bulkier. I like the mix'n'match like the PP. I avoid outfits like the plague and try to have onsies (either short or long sleeve depending on season) and pants to match. I love, love, love one piece rompers so I use those too. I can't say what sizes...
I do this. I don't see a problem with it. I have the storage space, and it makes my life easier. I figure, the vacuums and so forth won't wear out as fast since they "share" house so it's not like I'm being wasteful. It sure makes it easier to just run and grab whatever you need real quick and take care of a mess.
I have about the same as you, although I find I can extend my clothes by layering. I wear cardigans or zip up sweaters over my summer t-shirts in winter time. I also don't have any shorts, but I don't wear shorts...I just do skirts instead. Shorts look awful on me. I do find that I do laundry somewhat frequently but I do my DD's laundry with mine so we have a full load together and works out pretty well. I like not having too much...deciding what to wear takes too...
ok, thanks ladies! sounds like we'll be giving it a try.
My LO is the same. I just don't bother with bras at night. I haven't found anything else that puts her back to sleep either, so we're in the same boat as you. I'm trying to find other ways to help her learn to go to sleep, but it's still very much a work in progress. Good luck!
No help for you, just wanted to say that as long as you are doing the best for the baby, that's what matters. You'll always be her mommy, whether or not she sleeps in your bed.
I have an almost eight month old LO, and we cosleep. She nurses usually 2-3 times a night when she bumps into me in the night and notices my boobs. I'm considering the idea of putting a twin mattress on the floor in my room and laying down on it with her until she's asleep and then creeping out to my bed. I have one of those mesh side-rails so she wouldn't fall out, but I'm still a little wary of an 8 month old alone in that setup. She's fairly mobile and creeps all...
I found the opposite to be true. Although, to be fair I should clarify that I only have one child, and she's six months old. I got mastitis early on- the result of a really badly plugged duct. I switched to TF from a vegetarian diet about three months ago and I haven't had anymore mastitis, although I still get plugs. I'm not sure if it's diet related, I mean, I have big boobs and a huge milk supply, so plugs just happen frequently. For what it's worth...my husband...
Alright ladies....I ate three (they're sliced for sandwiches). If I'm still alive in the morning...I'll be a total convert. They taste yummy and they're nice and crisp. Maybe a little too salty but fortunately I like salt so I'll just do a little less next time. I'm thinking of pickled carrot slices next, for snacks! I'm going to have to get used to this leaving-food-out-on-the-counter idea!
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