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I had my tubes tied due to medical error when I was 24.  I had them reattached at 25.  I had 2 more children at 29 and 30 and then had them retied.  I had to have a hysterectomy at 35 (kept 1 ovary).  I realize this is not quite what you are talking about.  My mom had hers tied at 30 and had a hysterctomy when she was 38 (kept both ovaries).
They are going to place Sexually Aggressive youth in the same home with vulnerable children???? Absurd!!! Blood relation should not trump safety EVER.  Is there a GAL involved?  I am just appalled that they would even consider removing your FS from your care and placing him in a very unsafe situation.  Have they even developed a safety plan?  How can she provide line of sight supervision (which is what she must do with with SAYs in the home, no matter how young they are)...
I cleaned out to junk drawers and tossed out tons of junk.  But I will just count it as 2.  I also tossed 5 brokien/missing part toys.  And I bagged up 2 more bags of clothes for donation that had 20 items a piece. So that puts me at 127!     127/2011
Better late than never... I hit 100/2011
I don't really limit one way or the other.  But I do suggest books that I think they might enjoy. 
10 more baby items scale broken hangers (counting as 1 item) more holey socks(counting as 1 item) 4 cans of out dated oysters   SO that brings me to 88/2010   My goal is to hit 100 today!!
52 items of baby clothing 1 baby bath tub All the sock with holes and with out mates 2 towels with holes 5 old college papers 3 pairs shoes 2 shoes with out mates 5 broken hangers     71/2011
I am in.  We just moved in Oct. 1 and with a new baby in the house I am still unpacking!!!... So this will be the perfect time for me to really go through things and purge!
I have never heard the term pansexual.... But anyway if one of my boys (or all of them for that matter) or my daughter declare themselves any of the above metioned terms, then I will love and support them.  I cannot imagine turning away from one of my children, ever.
On normal years our children would get 4.  We do the want, need, wear, read.  But this year we are BROKE, BROKE, BROKE so I am not quite sure what we are going to do.  But I think I can wrangle up a trinket or two for the little ones and the baby will be none the wiser with a rattle or two.  The older boys will be a bit more difficult but I am sure that I will figure out something.  So anyway to make a long story short I voted 4 :)
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