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Oh no!!! Horrible timing I'm soooo sorry!! You are not over reacting at all! I think I would go off the deep end if anything even minor happened right now. I hope you can get rid of them fast.
Yeahhhhh!! I'm counting on the full moon tomorrow to help me out. Wonder if any crunchy parents will name their babies Luna??
The thing I want to do the most is take a nice long walk with baby on my chest. I have been having trouble walking since about 20 weeks which is a longggg time!!! I also have wanted to be able to have a drink and sleep on my back.
Nahhh I don't buy it. I wear a size 10 and my kids were 8'9 and 8'7. My mom on the other hand is only a size 7 and had five kids between 9'14 and 10'5.
LOL my dh has asked me many times when the due date is or how many weeks left. I think it is funny and it doesn't bother me especially since we have lived at this house for 6 years and he still doesn't know the address!!
Yeahhhh that is so awesome!! Even better they will be born on MY birthday! Yippy!!!!
She has been on the left forever...wish that would mean should will be left handed but I doubt it lol.
I got flowers after our first, nothing after our 2nd, and probably nothing this time. All I want is my baby safe and sound.
With my first I had bloody show and thought well they usually say within 72 hours labor will start. The next morning around 6 I got up to pee and as I stood up my water burst everywhere!!! With my 2nd I woke up around 4am to a contraction but was like whatever I haven't had my bloody show I'm not in labor and went back to sleep. Around 7am I couldn't sleep through them anymore and got up to prepare because I knew that was the day I would meet ds2.
Awwww I smile just thinking about her wearing it. I want one for my baby!
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