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I'm worried about the actual birth not labor or delivery but with everything being ok with the baby. I constantly wonder what day her b-day will be and how am I going to get everything in order how I want it when I can barely move these days.
My dh gets 5 weeks PAID off but it doesn't start until baby is exactly 1 week old. He gets the first 3 days postpartum off paid then will use a couple floaters so total will be 6 weeks off and I couldn't be happier.
First was born at 39 weeks 1 day 2nd born at 40 weeks 1 day
I've only had one this pregnancy (knock on wood) and that was enough! I had to limp for 3 days after that bad boy!! I didn't take my magnesium supplement for a few days and I think that was it. Yes bananas and water too!!!
No but I noticed something the other day that expired March 10th and though hmmm I could have a baby by then!! We are getting so close!!
With my first I didn't know what I was doing at all and made major mistakes those first days. Then the lac. consultant I had was terrible. After 5 weeks of tears I ended up exclusively pumping for 7 months then gave up. With my 2nd there were absolutely ZERO problems and he breastfed for 3.5 years!! I will admit I'm a little anxious for those first few days this time but I'm sure all will be fine now that I have experience.
I have never yelled so much in my life which makes me feel even worse. Whaaaa!! My midwife told me to add a B complex vitamin to "take the edge off" so we will see if that helps any. I just feel totally mental!!
Some chain type health food stores sell them like Whole Foods here.
I had showers for each baby and again having one for my 3rd which is really needed since it is a girl. I know a lady with 9 kids that had one for each one so go for it!!
I cannot wait!!! Been nesting like a mad woman all week, even washed my car!! Still have a ton to do but can't wait to see this little person.
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