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Mostly oral here...sorry way too much info but last night I did wake him up at 4am for some action lol!! Can't wait to see what he says when he gets home from work today lolololol!
Good idea. I don't plan on calling anyone at all to say she is here but will send birth announcements out when she is about 1 week old then HOPEFULLY everyone will call first.
I have been starting my mornings off with a string cheese and either sunflower seeds or almonds. After a little bit I can usually get away with some cereal.
I have been constantly sweaty lately. Usually I'm freezing this time of year and have the heater blasting but I have been keeping it down around 63-64 vs. the usual 69-70. If I have something hot to drink I get even more sweaty.
A lot of times onesies didn't even fit over cloth diapers just so you know. I don't really dress my kids in anything other then the footed jammies until after 3 months so thats about all I have. Seems they would be the most comfortable.
Just wanted to throw out something I read. A lot of women that have a c/s because the baby is "too big" go on to vbac a baby that is 1 lb bigger then the first with no problems.
Dumb comments!! The only comment I got so far was from my dad on Christmas when he said it looks like you are getting uncomfortable which was true so I didn't find it offensive. No one else has said anything. I was talking to one other mom at my son's preschool and I was saying blah blah blah my baby shower and she looked at my stomach and said what you're pregnant? HELLO I'm huge!!!
I wake up so sore and am so paranoid that when I stand up my water is going to break. I get up so slow and carefully and say a quick prayer that all will be ok. Ugh!
I think Quinn would be totally cute for a girl.
The first time my midwife could feel baby was head down was at 27 weeks (now 31). Her butt is way over to the left and she said she has very long legs. Future ballerina?
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