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Yeah I got it bad. My whole area below is all swollen (think I got the varicose veins down there) and my perineum is so sore thanks to that awesome episiotomy (NOT!) I got with my first delivery.
I took my newborns to the movies alllll the time!! They just slept and if they stirred boob went right into mouth...no one knew they were there!
I never used nursing bras (just regular bras, can't go braless here) for my first two kids but bought some just for fun this time.
I've had 3. The first was I delivered my girl as expected then the midwife said here comes the 2nd one and we were all huh?? We were freaking out because 2 more carseats won't fit in our car and we didn't even have a 2nd baby seat. A few days later I was going on a roadtrip to visit a friend and the babies were in a box on the passenger seat covered with a blanket. I heard them rustling around and said probably time for a feeding so I pull over and pull back the...
Yes so done. I feel my stomach can't stretch anymore and I have been in constant pain since week 19. It really starts messing with your head after awhile. 9 more weeks...hopefully a few less.
Hmm nothing really. If I knew how to knit it would be soakers and I haven't started shopping for newborn cloth diapers yet but once I start I will probably be obsessed there.
LOL yeah I'm scared someone will steal the name hahaha! No we have never shared the name because we don't want opinions at all. We tell everyone the sex so there has to be some element of suprise I think. Plus I am a little on the it's bad luck/karma to being saying a name of someone that isn't born. I don't want everyone referring to the baby by it's name until he/she is here in our arms.
I would love to do a uc birth but I do have some health issues that scare me a little bit and dh is firmly against it. Soooo with that being said we are doing a water birth at a free standing birth center.
My friend had that liver/bile problem and they just told her to take Claritin to control the itching???
Mostly low on my left side...she is head down already so must be moving her arms around there.
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