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Another peppermint mocha freak here but I like them 10x better when they are iced.
Crap is right! I already scheduled all my midwife appointments and they are at every 2 weeks already!! I haven't even looked for any newborn cloth diapers yet, don't have a name, haven't really pondered that I'm having a baby?? I mean I know she is coming and all but CRAP!!!
Yes since week 19 I have been in serious agony!! I don't know if it is true but my midwife said with each pregnancy you start making more relaxin hormone even sooner??? Don't know but ouchie, ouchie, ouchie!! I have barely done any Christmas shopping because it hurts so bad to walk.
I remember hearing about mega doses of vitamin c and swallowing a whole clove of garlic a day.
2 here so far from Mom4Tot and StacyG. Thanks ladies!! So mad our mail usually comes around 1pm but with all those holiday cards it isn't coming until 5-5:30!!!
What a beautfiul dream!! The last birth dream I had was I had my girl as expected but then they told me there was another baby coming. Gave birth to a boy then when I looked at them they weren't babies but a black and an orange RAT.
I did not get the list either..........
Yes whole list please. Last time I started out sending 20 but then sent one to everyone that sent me one as well except for the person that mailed theirs Dec.27th!!
My kids are almost 8 and 4 years and it still happens allllllllllllllllllllllllll the time!! Before becomming pregnant I had many people tell me I need to have more kids because mine are so cute. We absolutely cannot leave the house ever without someone commenting on my youngests hair. He has the thickest, fluffiest curls that are beautiful it almost looks fake lol. Many people as well have told me I need to get them into modeling that they could see them in Gap ads...
FYI they have the cutest flannel sock monkey sheets at Target.
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