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Phew I made it, I thought I would be too late! Count me in!
Sheesh!! That would all get really old, really fast!! The comment your mom made about gaining too much reminded me of something I just read in a book about how they used to put women on cottage cheese and jello diets the last month of pregnancy so they didn't gain too much. Can you imagine? EWWW! I believe it was in the late 60s/early 70s.
I've been having them since around week 10. When the kids get me upset I start contracting right away lol. If I have to pee I start or if I need to drink water.
7lbs = 24 weeks. With my other 2 I gained 35lbs and I'm sure I will again. By last time I didn't gain my first pound till 22 weeks so it is going to happen fast again!
Well almost. We went to school together but never knew each other. 5 months after graduation we officially met and were friends till we started dating another 5 months later. As of April we will have been together 15 years and have been married almost 13.5!! We always say we wish we had met sooner we would of had a lot of fun in highschool together.
RIght now I'm reading the book Immaculate Deception II: Myth, Magic, Birth and one part is when the author talks about how she has seen women who were hemmoraging stop because over and over in their minds they would say ok you are bleeding too much you need to stop bleeding. It is a great eye opening book by the way if you want another book suggestion .
I love everything in the picture!! I'm trying my best to get excited about having a girl so I picked up a few things the other day that are oh so adorable I can't stop looking at them.
I have already bought bigger bras 2x this pregnancy!! Hopefully I am done until I have the baby when my boobs get super hugeeeeee! I love those first weeks when my boobs are like 3x bigger then the baby's head when I nurse lol!!
Another NO here. I did it with my first pregnancy and found out I become hypoglycemic during pregnancy. So just followed the same eating routine with my 2nd and this time it started hitting me by 11 weeks which I told my midwife and she said I absolutely do not have to take it.
I made it through the exam but as soon as we got to the car I lost it crying my eyes out saying I want a boy over and over. Life throws us curve balls right?
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