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Were you in the same position all night? Maybe in bed he wakes up because he feels you moving around? We ended up putting our little guy in a basket right by our bed and he sleeps all night now.
I have the same problem. My baby is almost 8 months and my stepmom and dad want him to take a bottle so they can babysit him. They tell the baby "you need to give up the booboo so you can come over". My stepmom has been a formula pusher since I was preggo (even though she is a nurse and you would think have some common sense) and even gave me a CASE of formula for my babyshower even though I told her I was going to breastfeed. Now they ask my 4 year old son when they...
Yes Miasmom I hear you! I love briefly forgetting about the daily grind for a bit and enjoying my hubby. We have been married almost 10 years and still manage to do it 1-2 times a week yet we would both love more and talk about it daily but can't manage to sneek in more sessions. We were married over 5 years before ds #1 came around and up until then we were usually 1-3 times a day!!! We joke about our memories of the good old days.
Yuck! Most of the ones here are enclosed indoors and as soon as you open the door to go in you see the windows are all steamed up and the smell of all the old sweat is nasty! One time some kid got a bloody nose and there was blood all over one of the tunnel entrances. Yeah it got cleaned up but still just the thought of it. I feel nervous if there are older kids because I can't see what is going on in the tunnels and I am scared they might try to hurt my little guy. ...
My ds is almost 7 months old. He now eats solids one time a day and in a 24 hour period nurses usually only 5 times. He seems happy so he must be full. He only poops every once every 3-5 days too.
My son is 6.5 months and sleeps from 11pm until 5 or 6am then eats and goes back to sleep till 9ish. I keep thinking he is a "bad" sleeper because my first son would sleep 12 hours straight from 3 months of age but I guess I don't have it bad at all lol.
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