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Awww that is so sweet!! I got warm and fuzzy inside just looking at baby clothes yesterday but still 2 weeks till u/s.
We find out Nov.1st if bebe cooperates!
Me tooooo! When we drive by a restaurant I open the windows lol. The other day we were walking around in a place that has a ton of little cafe type restaurants and I was drooling from the lovely garlic smell everywhere.
For the last 3-4 days now I have been crying for no reason 5+ times a day!! I know pregnancy can be emotional but I never remember crying ever with my first two except of course like when I heard the heartbeat and had the u/s done. What the heck???? Anyone else?
YEAHHHH! Me too! My dh says what? already? I said dude if you had something the size of an avocado in your gut that isn't usually there you would probably feel it too lol. I will be 17 weeks tomorrow already!!!!
No one has asked but every day when I drop my ds at preschool every mom there is staring at my belly. I feel like screaming someone please go ahead and ask already sheesh! LMAO! Or ask when I'm due or something.
If I have a boy I don't think I need a shower but if it is a girl I would love to have one seeing how I have no girl stuff. My mom had showers for all 5 of her kids and a lady at our church had one for all 10 of hers so don't feel like it's wrong to have one for a 2nd child.
Ok we are scheduled for Nov.1st ugh that seems so far away yet! I was hoping to get in at 18 weeks but the place I was referred to will not do it until 20 weeks.
No way in heck would I ever get it and especially not when preggo. I haven't had the flu since highschool and that was 15 years ago.
This will be my 3rd and I was obviously showing by 8 weeks and in maternity pants at 9 weeks. I'm now 17 weeks and feel like I haven't grown much since then luckily. Things are growing more steadily now I guess.
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