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I was @ work all day yesterday so I missed the start of this week, boo. My 5: 1) DBF and how we can just be total dorks together. 2) My nephew and playing with him. 3) Books! 4) Long talks with DBF about us, the future, etc. 5) My job oddly, my manager is so much fun.
Mamas, its HOT. I can deal with 70 and 80 degree temps, 90* not so much. Not to mention we have no popsicle type stuffs or even fruit. I crave fruit in this type of weather. I have $7 to last me until next payday. Boo. I am so hitting the farmer's market next week if I can.
Hrmm, I have a couple of pagan meal blessings in my house binder that I created for last camp. Wonder if DBF would be comfortable adding that in?? He doesn't really like to sit at the table and eat, but I find it important. Whoops, bit of a ramble there. Anyway, I can always just say them in my head. Card for today: I'm using The Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards. Ostara-Fertility "It is the perfect time for you to start new projects, access new ideas and give birth to new...
Clay- Its supposed to be hot here today too. Almost 80* and for my part of WA that is hot I'm just hanging out in bed with DBF before he goes to work. He's playing his FB games and I am making the rounds on my various boards. I have no idea what to do today. I will probably end up reading. I do have to swing by work and drop some papers off, fun. I want to take a vacation to the ocean or at least a lake.
I have Everyday Positive Thinking by Louise Hay. Opened to a couple of different pages and the theme seems to be "love being you." Also pulled some Goddess Oracle Cards for DBF and myself. For me it was about independence and fertility *sigh* Probably because I really want a child.
Hi all. Wish I could catch up, but I have been working so much lately thanks to someone quitting @ another center. Which means my manager has to go up there and help out. I need to get back to studying, but that's hard to do with DBF here watching movies, etc. Hope all is well for everyone!
Wooohoooo!! So excited for this years camp!
Hrmm, last time I got weighed was November of 2008 and I had been working out for a month. I quit working out the end of April 2009, then went through the drama/divorce with my ex and got weighed again in October 2009. That's when I found out how much I had lost. 30DS is 20 minutes long. The first few days will kick your butt, but it feels SO good when you finish a workout. Smoking- I had quit for 3 years, in preperation to get pregnant with my ex. The day I dropped off...
Maia- Try Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred. It what helped me to loose the 36 pounds I dropped. I started out with Tae Bo and Pilates, then switched to 30DS, along with cutting out processed junk, and going on a bit of a detox that my ND put me on. I am going to start it again once I quit smoking. Speaking of quitting, I am setting my quit date for the 5th of July. Its going to be SO hard since I know DBF won't quit, even though it was originally his idea.
Morning All. Maia- Woohoo for seeing M in a week! DeShanna- I have no idea where June went either. Its pretty crazy how fast this year seems to be going. Sapphire- Congrats on finishing the marathon!!! No idea what my plan is for today.
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