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I'm so sorry for your's and your husband's loss. While I was pregnant with my son, DH's stepfather passed away very suddenly. His biological family, who had very little to do with him while he was living, appeared from out of state and took the body (back to their state, completely disregarding sFIL's burial wishes) and all of his things from his apartment. They even tried to take a car that FIL owned with MIL (although they did not live together at the time). She was able...
As someone who took clomid for several years, relatively unsupervised by 3 different doctors, let me say please please please, develop a relationship with a doc and maintain it throughout your clomid experience. I ended up with some serious reactions to the amounts of clomid I was taking, and I've lost an ovary because of it. Any doc can prescribe. I think all of the doctors I saw were GPs. They should start you on a low dose and keep you on it for about 3 cycles, then...
Heck, yes, use it! I knew a female Barrett in college. She was smart, pretty, outspoken. Awesome girl. I love the name and would use it for a girl, but it doesn't go well at all with our last name. To me, it's totally a girl's name. I've only ever known male Averys. Until recently, I'd only known male Sages, too.
Looking at your list, I immediately thought "Aurelia".
Voted Aine, although I would go for the more Dutch Anja. DH loves the Irish names, so I know he'd go for Aine, too, or want Aylen to be spelled Aislen.
Hello. I'm white, DH and DS are Native American, both enrolled tribal members. We live on their reservation in sunny South Dakota.
Yesterday, some woman commented on how cute DS is and how tanned. Dh wasn't there, and I am the pastiest person ever, so I'm guessing she thought DS as light as me and had been out in the sun. Uh, nope, lady, that's his natural skin color. I cut her some slack because she was quite elderly, and I don't think biracial marriages were legal in her day. It probably didn't enter her mind that he was a Native kid. The younger woman she was with looked totally embarrassed.
Nice fish! I was actually surprised that they didn't ask, considering where we live tends to be a little, uh, behind the times. I was all ready with my "what difference does it make...we're in love!" rant. No dice.
Has anyone ever made a bunting to fit over a stroller? It's colder than heck and my son really misses his walks in the stroller.
Oh, hey, Heggie. Liam is also facinated by watching us eat. My fault- I let him taste a popcycle once, and he made the connection. Usually, he decides he wants to nurse while we're eating. I guess he thinks we should all eat together. I want to bf exclusively for at least 6 months. Liam is a big guy, so weight gain is not an issue. His pediatrician calls me a Champion Nurser, so I'm going to continue just nursing. He'll be 6 months right after the Christmas Holiday,...
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