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Ok. For purposes of this thread, I mean significant contractions, that are stronger than Braxton-Hicks, ones you have to at least pause for, that don't settle into a regular pattern and don't get stronger-longer-closer together over a matter of days.
Ok, new poll: I'm going on day 8 of prodromal labor; this is my second baby and I was SURE this time would be easier... Can I just ask what happened to everyone else whose bodies like to do this? Did you "snap out of it" on your own, or did you need help?
So far, my second is "progressing" (or not, I sometimes feel) just like my first-- over a week of false starts.
For those of you who have already had two or more babies: if you went way "overdue" and were induced with your first, when did you go into labor with your second? I'm sitting here at the "I'll be pregnant forever" stage and I'm wondering what the odds are.
With DD#1 I think I was totally ready by about 36 weeks. Room perfect, everything folded, etc etc. This time I am 40 weeks, and most of the baby stuff is in big messy piles or baskets in my bedroom. Nothing new has been purchased at all; I know there is stuff we need, but I'll do it on an as-needed basis. Poor little baby number two!!!!
I think Arthur has a better chance of staying down on names list. It's also my BIL's name, and he's pretty cool. That said, I like Calvin better.
Quote: Originally Posted by Chamomile Girl Are you insistant on the items being new? Because I totally have some of this stuff and I would love to send it to you. PM me if you're interested.
Maybe with a flip-top lid.
Thank you guys! This is all very helpful. I just bought a plastic jar at the grocery store, but might try a much-less-ambitious christmas-eve version of this if I have time. I like the idea of just putting an apple on the lid.
So my toddler told Santa that she wanted "toy grapes" and "toy cookies" in her stocking. No problem; I was making her some felt food anyway, so I just made sure to include these. This morning, she told me that she also wanted "Toy applesauce in stocking." Hmmm................ Toy applesauce???? Help me out here! The only thing I can think of is to clean out a single-serve applesauce container and fill it with that loose polyester filling I've been using for the inside...
New Posts  All Forums: