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I would say Ih-MILL and Emily. (Emile with an E, I would pronounce Eh-MEAL.)
Just a voice of dissention-- I for years ate (#1) no dairy, except when I was pregnant, and then I ate only yogurt and aged cheese. I felt super-healthy. This pregnancy I found some raw milk, but I honestly can't say it makes me feel any better than being dairy-free did.
I never eat gluten or processed foods, and I've now gone through two boxes of (organic) pop tarts in a week. Last pregnancy all I wanted was pizza. I mean, it was ALL I could eat for weeks. I finally figured out that I should deconstruct what it was about the pizza that was calling to me. When I realized that I really just wanted some soggy tomato-y bread, I made some amaranth bread and spread tomato sauce on it and I was totally satisfied. I haven't done that...
Ok... I am just deciding to trade in all my non-stick pans for cast iron, and I am wondering a little beginner's question here-- does all the grease you leave on the pan not get rancid? Is it really good to let lard and bacon grease sit forever and ever on your pan? No bacteria accumulate there? Or little animals try to eat it? Also, I assume that means that my vegetarian husband will have to have his own pans, if mine have meat grease all over them?
I just wanted to sub so that if i get sidetracked before finishing this thread I can come back to it and comment at the end.
Yeah, JayJay, that's about what happened to me!!
Quote: Originally Posted by guitarmama Well, I just called my dr office. They said that diahrea IS common in first trimester. You're not mad. Well, thank goodness. I was seriously starting to worry.
I'm actually amused because both Genevieve and Penelope were on our short list!! For the record, I like Genevieve better as a first mane, but I think Penelope Anne flows better as a combo than Genevieve Lucille.
I just wanted to sub, because I am also concerned about this poor baby.
Quote: Originally Posted by bluebirdmama1 Can you blend up breyers ice cream and raw milk and honey instead of buying the milkshakes. If I was going to do that, I could just as easily use the raw ice cream i made in the freezer! No, my problem is impulse control while I'm at work and out and about. And I feel like total crap every time I eat these foods, so you would think that would be enough to stop me.... but, no. But you're right-- I'm...
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