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Quote: Originally Posted by ani'smommy Okay, I subscribed to this thread, so anytime anyone posts to it I see it and start CRAVING sushi! I wish it wasn't so expensive or I'd eat it all the time. Vegetarian sushi is pretty dang cheap!
Quote: Originally Posted by EkkaGrrl I got my avocado rolls today..mmmm That's my 4 year olds favorite food.
I'm also due August 26th, but I will be shocked (and very very happy) if I make it that long...I'm just hoping for an august baby instead of a june/july baby.
Kincaid takes trileptal. He started at 18 months old. We saw his first ever verbal explosion a week after starting the trileptal...but that is mostly because apart from is once every 3 months clonic-tonic/grandmal seizures, he was having nearly constant abscene seizures...so obviously learning something was next to impossible. We didn't see another verbal explosion till 2 1/2 when we added on topamax as well. Now he has had 2 seizures (both clonic tonic, grand-mal,...
I'd LOVE suggestions for a good video for DD, she REALLY wants to watch this baby being born (and everyone elses baby as well, she's been asking random pregnant people if she can watch for about a year now ), but I want her to have more prep than what she can see on discovery health channel.
The only issue is the raw fish(and the mercury/chemical content of fish)...
We are decided on names now at 10 1/2 weeks, and have been for 2 weeks or so. We knew my ds's name for like 5 years before he was conceived.
Quote: Originally Posted by LolaK I think there are many, many better ways for a child to learn then from a TV or a computer. Unless your goal is for him to learn to use a mouse/joystick/touch pad. I personally do think computer skills are a good thing for kids to learn and let my 4 year old use the laptop about 30 minutes or so a day to play various games. She also gets to use desktop computers twice a week at school.
For what it's worth Janelle's wait to get in to see a developmental ped when she was 6 months and her wait to see a nutritionist around 18 months was basically none, so you could have an ok experience. I have also done all my prenatal care and births there and that was ok as well...my wait for a high level u/s this time around is like 12 weeks, but when it was truly an emergent situation with Janelle due to growth issues they got me in that day! So I think it's on a need...
I always loose weight for about the first 20 weeks of pregnancy, no clue why, but this being my 3rd pregnancy I'm not at all worried!
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