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Hi everyone,   It's been a long time since I posted here but I need your opinions....   I was recently accepted to a nursing program that begins in the fall.  I am looking to downsize and I'm having hard time choosing an apt.  I currently live in an 1000sf 2 bedroom apt with my 6 year old son and my puppy(she is 1 1/2).  I am going to through a divorce.  I work almost full time but I am not planning on working full time when I start nursing school. I am currently...
Awesome!  I'll check it out.  Cross your fingers for me!
Hi, I just applied to UNC for the summer semester... I still don't know if I've been accepted but I don't want to wait till last minute to scope out places to live. I'm hoping for some recommendations for apartments/town homes in the area... Nothing too expensive but clean, safe, and quiet. I read that the west side of chapel hill might be more rural and quiet but I'd rather look at places that have a decent reputation. Anyone familiar with this area ????
I am just finishing my semester, yet hank goodness. I was taking taking 11 credits and working full time. I'm so utterly exhausted its unreal.
Could he be having phone sex and watching porn at the same time?  Don't they have live viewing/private show kinda things?  That's what I would think.
HAHAHA...this thread has me LOL!!!
  I completely agree with this post.  I LOVE that video...I think it's an amazing example of how for some women birth can be a transcendent experience of ecstasy.  I have to be honest, I've been a member here for several years now and I am very much shocked at the negativity towards something that might well be a normal physiological birth response.  Just because you haven't heard of it much, doesn't mean that it doesn't exist in non medicated labors, considering that the...
LOL....oh my goodness.  This thread is PERFECT timing as I just got a puppy for Christmas.  Every time she poops in the house, I'm like wth was I thinking!!!!!  HAHAHA    
I am going through the same thing.  I've been thinking about seeing a psychologist for a bit now about my sons tantrums and defiance.  This thread really helped me to feel more confident but also realize I need to do something.
I've been thinking about number #2 and I'm still on meds.  I take lexapro, buspar and trazedone.  I think the lexapro is the only one that may be compatible with pregnancy but not sure.  I need to start to wean off a bit.  I think zoloft is considered safe so I would stay on the meds if possible.  My biggest issues is anxiety too and I don't want any nasty flare ups.  I probably won't be trying for at least another year. 
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