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    My boyfriend is a college professor.  It's hilarious some of stuff the students come up with.  He's had students give him raving reviews in evals and then when they don't get the grade they want, they complain to the dean.  It's ridiculous.  I guess maybe my issue about this is that I am struggling with working for such an antiquated hospital environment.  In the city that I live in, the ob/gyns have basically suppressed midwifery by not giving them privileges to...
I think I will probably include a handout from the AAP next time. 
I have little experience teaching to such a large group...sometimes, I'm shocked that I even the opportunity!!!  And I tend to err on the side of anxiety so I always end up ruminating on the negative.  I have always struggled with how people perceive me...rather I am a bit socially insecure.   But I realize it's healthier with the You can't please all the people all the time approach. 
Just thinking about how most people have a tendency to dwell on the negative aspects of life.  I consider myself a cup half full person...but occasionally I have to give myself a kick in the butt.    For Example...   Tonight I had my prenatal students complete class evals.  I know I did really well...most of the students love the class.  I teach relatively large classes, tonight I had fifty parents.    Anyways, the vast majority of the responses were super...
First of all, I want to warn you that it's really not a good idea to come online to get advise about anxiety.  There are sooo many people out there that are not familiar with mental illness and medication that are used to treat anxiety.  I'm not addressing anyone specifically on this post but I will tell you from personal experience (and also because I have a huge respect for evidence based practice).  There are many medications that your psychiatrist can prescribe to...
Ok...I loved your birthstory!  Made me LOL.  Anyways, I especially love your siggy...if you don't mind, I'd love to borrow that for my lab coat at work!
Hi...I'm here(insert smiley waving). I agree that there is hardly anyone here anymore. I'd love to find out where people are posting???if you know,pm me
I am a soon to be lc...waiting for results from my exam. It is pretty hard to make living as a private practice lc. If I were you I would go to nursing school and find a place to start accruing clinical hours so when you graduate you can sit for both boards and get hired right away.
I just finished my online ma and I got hired right out of school for a position...love my job. You need to be very careful when choosing a program as some are not fully accredited.
I think it might be a good idea to talk to a therapist about these concerns.  It sounds like your really struggling and it might be good to clarify why you have such strong feeling about either sex before your baby is born. 
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