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I personally like having a little area that I know is private on MDC.  Of course, I know it's the web and it doesn't take much to find stuff but it makes me feel safer.  I think what really bothers me is that there is no big announcements at the top of the forum. 
Well, today was much better.  I feel like I was much more productive and organized.  My feet didn't hurt as much because I did a bit of paper work so I got to sit for an hour or so.  I bought new shoes tonight!!!!  Tomorrow should be even better!  Love my job though! 
Well, I am thankful and happy to say that I started today at my new job.  I am now the perinatal educator/lactation counselor (soon consultant;) at a local hospital.  WHEW!!!  I'm exhausted.  I was honored to see my first IRL vag birth...mom did amazing.  Did I say I was exhausted.  I ran around the unit, from l &d, nicu, nursery, postpartum, and ob...holy moly.  I haven't walked that much or been that hectic in a long time!  Anyway, I can't wait till I get used to this...
I had a horrid experience with car dingy several years back.  I was in our old buick with a friend, A,  and our combined three kids.  We  were about to go on a camping trip and stopped at the grocer before we left.  I told her to be careful with the doors as I didn't want to hit the next persons car and I knew she had to get her kids out of the car seat.  WELL, low and behold, a lady comes out with her groceries and my friend had let the door hit the other persons car,...
I tripped over a curb when my young babe was in the moby wrap.  I literally wiped out and he didn't even wake up.  His head was all tucked in....OMG, it scared the crap out of me.  I actually damaged my ankle, chipped a piece of bone.  Not pretty!   I'm sure you'll be fine...just try and be more aware. 
You know I really get what your saying.  I think that I am so mentally invested with school and work now that I have just been "rewarding" myself and kind of dealing with the stress through overeating.  Seriously, I need to kick the diet coke habit.  I know how bad it is for me....why do I still do it? 
Yeah, I would focus on being meticulous about making sure she latches right each and every time.  Creams don't really do much...it's the latch that solves the problem every time!    Congrats on your new baby...sounds like your having a wonderful baby moon
Well, I think you answered your own question.  Yes it can for some.  It's funny because as an LC I have to cringe a little when I hear parents say they have a "good" baby that sleeps through the night because I know that it's important to night nurse in order to build and maintain a supply.  I don't know if your home with your baby during the day but if so, I would focus on nursing every 2-3 hours during the day and every 3-4 hours at night.  I'm sure your build your...
I just read this thread and your other one about cilantro!!!  I'm sorry not to poke fun but LOL     .....Don't worry so much, mama! 
Errrrrr....that burns me up!!! 
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