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I posted this about six months ago... well, now we are back to square one for about the hundreth time. We have bought a child toilet seat for home, too, apart from that we are no further. I am glad to see that we are not the only ones who have tried "everything" and feel this frustration.      
We have the same problem with our 5 year old. Just like OP's son, he also has two older siblings who were potty trained without my really doing anything. We were very relaxed about it for a long time, but this has been going on for such a long time now, and we are getting worried that he is still going to have this problem when he starts school. :(   Just like the OP's son, our son will consistently go to the toilet when naked. We never used pull-ups, but have let...
Poor little boy!
Subbing because I am also thinking about this, and we have a 5 year old too. :)
I'm sorry your DS is having to experience this! It sounds absolutely awful.   Since your ex is in the military he probably would like his son to be physically healthy and have a positive attitude to staying fit. I would think that using physical exercises as a punishment would be a good way to give your DS averse feelings towards them. (It is not the same as when they use this kind of discipline in the military - there the person who undergoes the discipline is an...
I have broken with my mother, too. It has been hard. I have felt like the worst person on the planet, and thoughts of how devastated she must be, have been truly tormenting me. The urge to believe that she has been doing her best, and to forgive, and let her back in, has been almost irresistable. My mother has also used the "presents for DS" method of trying to weedle herself back in. She has never apologized to me for anything, I have given her many chances, and I know...
Problems of restlessness in bed is one of the symptoms of KISS-KIDD syndrome. It could be worth checking out.
No doctor here would recommend circing because of a UTI. This is a purely American phenomenon and comes from circ-happy doctors. You should treat your son's UTI like you would your daughter's!
Last Tuesday, in the changing room after DS' swimming class, I noticed that one of the boys is circed. He is about six years old. It is the first time I have ever seen a circed penis, and it was actually a surprisingly un-shocking experience!   Now, I must say I didn't think he looked that different at all! I don't think I would have noticed if I hadn't been aware of the problem through this website. So, do kids really notice in the locker room, if they don't know...
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