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My daughter is 5 (today-happy birthday!) and she nurses mostly at night before bed. Although when she is sick she nurses when ever she wants.
Just a happy side note-I just read somewhere that if you have a child after the age of 40 you have about a 400% times greater chance of living to age 100! How about that!!
My daughter started when she was about 18 months. It took her a while to feel comfy but once she did!!!!!! She loved it so much that we kept going till she was nearly 5 . She was generally quite shy and I have to say that going to that class played a major role in her conquering her shyness. I do remember watching on the sidelines alot in the beginning cause I thought some things were too crazy and perhaps dangerous for my dd. However other children who were more...
My family feels sooo perfect, the three of us. I've never felt so much. I do worry about my daughters future though. I keep wondering if she will feel as if she is not connected to our family especially after her grandparents pass and eventually we do. I have always felt so lucky to have a sister to always connect and check in with. I wish the same sense of belonging for my dd. I'm so all over the place about this issue because I have some health issues which are...
My dd is 5yrs. No cavities. We help her brush twice a day. Still nurses on average once a day-eats sugar and fruit. She was a very heavy nurser (night and day) until she was 3yrs. We didn't let her have sweets until she was about 2yrs. but she was drinking organic juice daily. We use flouride toothpaste. We now drink very little juice, drink water mostly and try to eat organic and healthy.
Thank you all for your warm, kind words. I am also so sorry for your own personal losses. It is a super idea to do something to remember her on that day... I'll have to think on it. The loss of my mother has taught me alot about myself, about my relationship I had with her and my own relationship with my daughter. I hope I can be a better person and mom from all of this. And again, thank you so much for all your warm thoughts.
Today is my birthday and of all the days ... I miss my mother the most. My mom died of b-cancer,at age 57 a day before New years 2000. So this time of year in general is filled with memories, but it kinda surprises me that I still keep expecting her to call me to wish me a happy birthday............. Its the one day, during the year, that my connection with her was purely between mother and daughter. Will this day always feel like this?
The day my daughter said, "this is the best life ever".
Dear Heather, I don't know that I have anything specific to help you with - I just want to send my love and tell you that I too had similiar emotional problems after the birth of my daughter. The one thing that I wish I had done is to have saught professional help or a mothers group for this specific thing. You are not alone that I know for sure! Again, lots of love and hang in there.
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