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I'd trust that. It's an awakening. There are many many paths to god - trust the path that he wishes to take you on. Just so you know - it's happening all over the planet right now. It happened to me 5 years ago. Out of nowhere. PM if you'd like to chat.
educational neglect :
red. PUNKY red. I'd say weave however your little is too little and she'll pull it all the time and it'll suck.
It's instinctual. It has to do with the survival of the species.
Quote: Originally Posted by freestyler Thanks Sneezykids. I am going to give it more time. Definitely. Hearing them fight all day was NOT FUN and I don't want to do that anymore. I really want to try to make school work. I like my son's teacher. [B](Even if he did mention Ritalin to me once. )
do any of you take anti-depressants AND mood stabilizers? I am really pretty stable...except I still get depressed. : I am not sure how to express that concern to my pdoc. And then sometimes I an really anxious. I told them I HATED the klonapin ut now I am thinking it could help - just on an "as needed" basis. Do I HAVE to take it every day? I am calling.
Quote: Originally Posted by wendyland They are 10, almost 6, and 2. It's mainly my kindergardener that doesn't want to help out. I'm trying to come up with ways of making it fun for her. She doesn't know why should do things that she doesn't want to do. Me neither dude.
Didnt want it to get confused with Halloween this time of year. We have swimming lessons for the next 4 Tues/Thurs and I have to pick up my 6 yr old from the bus at 4:30, and feed the kids in the car on the way, and be in the water with my 22 mo old at 5. Then I have my mom pick up my 3 and 22 mo old from the Y and my 6 yr old has his lesson 6-7. (7 is the little ones bedtime.) So I pretty much need something I can feed them in the car. They are sick of peanut...
Um, like 1. I am too lazy for months.
I just recently switched from a "multi" to a green multi and holy crap - I am in another world now....it makes SUCH a difference.
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