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dang......... that just reeks. Sounds like your stepchild is truly blessed to have at least one sane woman in his life. Hang in there!
just what I've been looking for! thanks
ha!! girl scout cookies are evil, thank you!!!! and if I can say that after finishing the dang box of smoa's then yes, I am a grump. I'm also an old mama who had trouble adjusting to the total loss of "me time".
Quote: Originally Posted by Crystal_R I agree with this. I think the article is talking about the majority of kids, but then it leaves those of us with kids in the minority feeling like crap. My kid doesn't sleep nearly as much as she should and never has. I even brought it up with her ped. She said some kids just need less sleep and to roll with it since I can't force her to sleep. When I hear mom's talking about how their kid sleeps 12 hours at...
Been there. It does get better! as someone else recommended, changing seats helped us alot. If I was by myself I only went on short trips, right after a nap. and I had a bag of at least a dozen toys beside me that I could continuously had back to ds and many times I wore earplugs. It was UGLY. But it got better and now he is a traveling kid-loves to go places. hang in there
Just wandered how everyone is doing? DS skipped nursing 2! mornings this week. I was excited and sad all at once. But then he got sick and I let him nurse in the middle of the night because he was miserable and couldn't sleep. I wanted to add that the "touched out" feeling has gotten so much better lately, of course ds is an only and I am sure I would feel differently if I had another. It seemed like once he accepted just one nursing a day I felt better. and I also...
"Are you kidding? I didn't do that to my dog when he was a puppy, I'm sure not going to do it to my baby" Before he died at 15yrs, I had the most well-behaved confident dog, even non-dog people liked him. So I would tell people with the cio advice that that is what people said I should do to my dog to make him independant and I didn't take their advice either and look at him surprisingly I got absolutlely no comebacks to that (yes, I compared my dog to my child, maybe...
ds son and I talk about weaning and he says "when I am 4" I won't need the nana's anymore. he turns 4 in Jan. thanks for sharing your story.
If Frisco at legacy and 121 isn't too far, Dr. Rubin is awesome. He just does pediatrics. The staff is awesome too. Everyone is upbeat and patient and they take alot of time showing the kids the tools and use kid friendly language to explain what they are doing. Not sure about non-invasive procedure wise, we haven't had to deal with that. But he was ok with me refusing the floride treatment and happy/encouraging in the use of the xylitol products.
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