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You don't pay it back because this is a new, one-year credit that augments your refund. You will reconcile it on your return next year, but it has no impact on your bottom line and will not reduce your refund. In essence, it reduces your tax liability by the amount of the rebate. If you, for some reason, receive more for the rebate than you qualify for when you reconcile next year, it zeroes out. You don't pay it back and it doesn't reduce your refund.
Quote: Originally Posted by WatermelonSnow Also, there's no paperwork to fill out. There is a lot of fraud happening right now with people getting calls and emails saying that they have to submit SS numbers and the like. These refunds require absolutely no action on your part. The IRS will be sending out the checks once they finish with the standard tax refunds. This is very important. Between the normal filing season and now the rebates, there...
The Senate and House both passed it on Thursday. It's up for the President's signature now. He's expected to sign it in the coming week. The package they passed is basically the same as the original House bill, only with rebates for Social Security and veterans' benefits added on.
The Senate and House have both passed it. It's now up for the President's signature, which is expected to happen in the coming week.
Quote: Originally Posted by baileyandmikey but will it reduce our refunds in 2008? No.
Finally some accurate reporting.
Troxel v. Granville is the big kahuna: http://www.law.cornell.edu/supct/html/99-138.ZS.html It's not, as some people state, an absolute bar to a third-party's right to petition for visitation over the expressed wishes of a fit parent. But it does set the standard fairly high for over-riding a parent's wishes.
She lives 900 miles away? Is she flying in for the court hearings?
Ione said what I was trying to say, only much, much better.
Quote: Originally Posted by MsChatsAlot The most well-adjusted kids of divorce I've known are those who have access to either parent almost all the time. Whatever way you can make that happen, will likely end up with her feeling like her needs are being met, her voice is being heard and she is loved by all. I agree with this. But I also think it's too much pressure for and unfair to most children to decide where they are going to stay from one...
New Posts  All Forums: