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I'm really over Rami. It would be great to see Jillian or Christian win. And I completely agree that Daniel should have won rather than Chloe. It looks like Malan is showing at Fashion Week, too!
I'm totally with you on the jealousy - and working on it. Sometimes I find it difficult to go to functions at DS' school because everyone is partnered, pregnant, etc. The thing that concerns me is starting all over. DS would be at least 9, if not older, if I had another baby. He's just now at the age where we can do all sorts of great things together - international travel, etc. - that are going to really impact his worldview because he'll remember them. Having a...
Quote: Originally Posted by Belleweather I'm still trying to work out whether by "people who pay income tax" they're talking about people who owe taxes according to their above the line Adjusted Gross Income but may end up getting a refund or paying no taxes because of their deductions and credits, or whether they just care about who writes whom a check at the end of the year. If they're talking about checks going out to 117 million taxpayers...
DS is 7 and I think about it all the time. I've decided to spend the next year paying down all of my consumer debt and being as value-added to my job as possible so that I can negotiate working home as much as possible. Then, if there are no prospects, I'm going to start investigating the possibility of doing it on my own. Not to say I will, but I'm going to really evaluate it. I have some reservations - mainly that I think the relationship between ds and his dad...
Quote: Originally Posted by SherryR Everything I've read refers to it as rebate. There's no way they'd just fork out a "bonus" to all of those taxpayers. It'd be awesome..but will never happen. You'd be surprised. A rebate is generally different than an advance (one being forward-looking, the other being backward-looking). Still, it could go either way.
Quote: Originally Posted by mommyddeville This might be dumb, but are they basing this off of 2006 taxes or 2007 taxes? Most likely 2007 taxes because of the amount of outdated information on 2006 returns, but not sure.
Quote: Originally Posted by ustasmom I don't think that it is an advance. I haven't gotten the low-down yet, but I also don't think this one is an advance (unlike the 2001 advanced child tax credit payment). I think it's meant to be a rebate on already paid (tax year 2007) taxes. Could be wrong, though. Also, I'm sure there is an upper cap - my guess would be $1800.
Quote: Originally Posted by queenjane I think Christian should have won. Ricky's dress was fine, it was cute...but i agree with Christian, what did he say about if he sees another little (tube? pencil?)dress, he'll lose his mind...he was the ONLY one who really stepped out of the box and showed some creativity. I think they are keeping Ricky in for drama's sake (The Cryer)...i think Christian should win the whole show, because even though he can be...
I think that's been true for most of the seasons, though. The first few weeks are a little dull and all about rooting out the true talent. The last few weeks are when people get really catty and exciting. Personally, I just love the creative aspect and the human factor, so I don't get bored. I can see how people would, though.
Quote: Originally Posted by alegna We've had good luck with Purex free and clear. : I love that it doesn't leave a smell on our clothing and they never feel like there's residual detergent.
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