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Hi - I think this is the right forum/ thread for me ... except perhaps now maybe there needs to be an Autumn/Fall thread? (Couldn't find one...) I am 40, ttc #2. More details when I find out if I am on the right thread
I am giving thanks that I found this thread! I used to hang out on August 07 when I was pregnant. DD finally arrived at 42w 3d in Sept 07. The i spent 2+ years trying not to spend too much time online! But now I need online support again! Nice to meet you all!
Hi, I have broken my left arm and need to take a 14 hour flight with my 15 month old toddler. Normally I would carry her in the ergo in a back carry to get through airport, and on and off the plane, but I think that will be too hard to get on and off. Any suggestions for a way to carry her? I have only the ergo with me, but could buy something else if someone strongly recommends it. Does anyone know if the ergo side carry is doable with only one functional arm? (I...
Good luck! I went to 42w 3 days and am glad I did: baby Sinead fed so well on arrival! There is this interesting Ballard score where they estimate gestational age based on physical characteristics at birth: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ballard...nal_Assessment http://www.ballardscore.com/ScoreSheet.htm The nurses tell me her Ballard score was 39-40 weeks: so she was just a slow cooker and needed all that time! Wishing you and your baby safe labor and delivery vibes...
Sinead Summer arrived on September 3rd (Labor Day) at 2:56pm, after 42 weeks 3 days gestation! She was planned as a homebirth, but ignored our exhortations to come out, and her gestation (42 weeks +) went beyond the comfort zone of my back-up OB, and so my midwife suggested I follow his advice. She was induced in hospital, but labor was smooth, and the hospital was relatively flexible with my approach to labor (each nurse passed on the mssage that this had been planned...
Still here! 42 weeks today. Baby passed non-stress test with flying colors and 5 on amiotic fluid levels (passing grade). Back-up OB isn't comfortable going longer. Home birth midwife needs to maintain good relationship with him. I've tried castor oil twice and membrane stripping twice, as well as breast pumping (I've got colostrum for sure!) To no avail in bringing on labor though. So... hospital induction tomorrow night 8pm with cervidil, unless the sex tonight, yoga...
Good luck!!
Wonderful birth story Madre!
well not sure I'll be here much longer. 42 weeks tomorrow, might be induction time alas.
Go Emily!! Sorry I have not been very active on this thread and have not been able to get to know everyone. I hit week 42 tomorrow. I may be induced though I was hoping for home birth. Two tries of castor oil, two of membrane stripping, and pumping with an electric pump, and still no significant contractions. I'm 1.5 cm dilated so hopng for an extension to Monday from my back-up OB. Fingers crossed!
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