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that's funny
Watch the bananas! They can constipate LOs. And I think rice cereal is constipating too.
Prolly should make sure your labia is fully healed. The wait is worth it. We dtd at 6 wks this time and it was psychedelic and sweet. Though all the "alternative intimacy" is fun too.
Did I miss someone suggesting yogurt? I see that's on your list of foods you give her...you could try watering it down a little, or put it in a sippy cup, or just feed it to her. YOGURT is great! My son ate tons of it while he weaned!
It does get better! DS was a colicky crier, he made gradual improvements in three month increments over the first year. He's a grand 5.5 year old sleeper now. Get your breaks outside the house where you can't hear your poor LO cry. Twenty minutes for you will be miraculous, and she will survive. It's hard to make the break, but you can do it. My 7 week old DD needs to be carried all day to nap too right now. However, she does sleep all through the night, so it's not...
I like well child visits because it helps build the relationship with the doc. so if you have worries/sick kid in the future it feels a lot more comfortable calling/bringing the baby in.
We did it! Congrats DDC mamas! My DD is plumping up nice - can't believe I have to pack away the NB clothes already! I've had massive oversupply of milk, so nursing was tricky at first, but now at 5 weeks, she's getting used to the pace, and I'm learning that I can't nurse her for comfort - since she gets too full and gassy. I never thought I'd do it, but I went out a bought a few pacifiers for her. Eek! So far it's worked to sooth her a few times when she's fussing...
Quote: Originally Posted by triana1326 ..if the house doesn't look any worse when he gets home, that means that I've been picking up messes all day. So true! I also remember from DS's infancy that making the most minimum of a "schedule" for myself helped give the days some kind of order. Working through a day with intention seems to lesson the focus on the fussiness. I think it's exhausting to have the day revolve around a crying kid....
Me too! I love stretching to reach for things in the back seat of the car, crawling into DS's fort, bending down to pick stuff off the floor (?!) - and knowing that all is well with the baby, because I can SEE her! Done and done.
Ok then! But you were asking for discipline techniques, as if that would solve your problem. I don't know any parent who couldn't be helped by digging a little deeper into the love and attachment reservoirs, especially those of us w challenging kids. Also. ADHD kids are especially emotionally astute. Everything in your post screams "fed up" - she knows this is how you feel...kinda makes me want to tear apart a room too - lol...really though, her actions may be...
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