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My dd has an Indian first name and an American middle name. My in-laws didn't really like either, but dh and I LOVE her name. I have a name picked out for another girl, but I don't know what we'll do if we have a boy. None of the Indian boy names really resonate with us * edited out dd's name because it came up in a google search.
Hmmm. My dd has eczema. It didn't manifest until soon after she weaned at 19 months. I've always firmly believed there was a connection, but her ped and derm chalk it up to coincidence. Do you think this could her explain the timing of the onset of her eczema? We have learned that she has a dairy allergy and possibly some other food allergies, almost all with delayed reactions.
Are you still getting positives at home? Have you gotten your period yet? I had several positive pregnancy tests at home with my dd, but when I did a urine test at the doctor's office, it came up negative. I was devastated. I went home and got another positive, and when the doctor did a blood test later that week, it was positive. I WAS pregnant! If you're early in the pregnancy, the HCG levels can become diluted in your urine to the point they aren't detectable by...
My dd was the same way. We had her tested for allergies because of her eczema and found that she has a dairy allergy. We had no idea before because she didn't have any of the usual allergy symptoms you expect like immediate hives. From the very day we cut dairy from her diet, she has been sleeping through the night! It was amazing. Unfortunately the eczema hasn't improved as much. So my suggestion would be to check out the food allergy/sensitivity angle. Good luck. I...
Our computer is in our bedroom, but we have it closed up in an armoire. We have this one. I love that I can close it up: it not only keeps any unsightliness out of view but also helps me discipline myself when it comes to online time (I lock the doors with a childlock and put the comptuer on standby so there isn't easy access )
My almost 2-year-old dd had allergy testing today as part of our quest to find triggers for her eczema. The test was positive only for dairy, but the allergist said to hold back on soy too. So what can I feed dd to give her adequate fat and calcium? The allergist suggested seeing a dietician but that won't happen until our appointment, and in the meantime I need to feed her! Before today she drank two cups of milk each day and a 4 oz Yo-Baby yogurt. I don't usually give...
Just wondering if anyone has used any of Earthworm Herbals eczema products for yourself or your kids? I'm considering trying them out for my dd (2 years old this month!) who has been battling eczema now for the past 5 months or so. This is the link to their eczema product line: http://www.earthwormherbals.com/shopeczema.htm. Oh, and do any of the ingredients seem questionable to you? Thanks!
Call the airline and ask if you need ID for your baby. I've flown several times with dd on American and Frontier and never been asked for any ID for her, but I've heard that some airlines require a birth certificate or passport.
Add butter or olive oil to any food you can. I've been known to add melted butter to my 15-month-old dd's apple sauce. Do you eat eggs? My dd loves omelettes. I fry them in lots of butter and add cheese in the middle. Lots of calories there.
Mom2baldie, the dentist visit went really well! Thank you for asking. The dentist told me that the white spots were not impending cavities, but, like your dd's, just a cosmetic thing. I was so relieved! I asked about the cause, and she said it's hard to know but maybe I was exposed to something during pregnancy when dd's teeth were forming. I really liked the dentist. She told me that most dentists strongly urge mothers to quit night nursing because of the risk of...
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