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Is there a different reward, other than the exact thing you're wanting to prevent? Just a thought...especially since you're in the early phases of trying to get peaceful sleep earlier. I'm learning a lot from this thread, thank you!
HELP! Roly Polys have decimated my Edamame (soy) bean rows. I would guess less than 30% of the seedlings made it. (And I had special beans shipped to me, which I'm out of) I had no idea they were a garden pest! Once the seed sprouts at all, they leave it alone. But, Edamame have a 8-10 day germination which apparently is perfect for these cute, but nasty bugs. I guess I should have started indoors, but the instructions said not recommended. Anyone had...
It depends... I've done it with great success if you get the seedling early enough. The trick is dig down deep enough to not damage the tap root. Then, I try and plant it so the tap root is straight and can recover. Also, I pile a little bit of straw/small mulch/pine needles to support the stem if it starts to droop. We've had so much rain, I started a tray of sunflowers indoors in these little peat pellets. (Found on clearance for $1.00 for 50 planters) ...
I'm hoping someone offers some insight...I've got the same problem. I've consistently modeled a love for all creatures. We take inside bugs out, no killing. I've never shied away from a bee/fly. Her reaction is as you describe, insane. It's by far the shrillest scream and real fear I ever see from her. BTW, she just turned 3.
The river rocks/sharpie idea is perfect. I'm going to try making one later today, to see how it looks. I have some stone sealer, which will make the rock shiny and wet-looking. I'm excited! Thank you
Looks like Hedychium. (Ginger)
I was just inhaling some of my Lily of Valley last night...it spreads, but not aggressively in my area. It's a nice shade of green, too.
Any cute or creative ideas for plant/row markers? I'm starting a 20x20 plot at the community garden and I want something bigger and sturdy. People are constantly asking, "What's this and that?" My plot is on the edge, near the gate...so I get a lot of great conversation Here she is: I found some amazing Aztec/Inca? Marigolds, which are a foot tall! I lined the front edge to help define the border. Garden
I had to reply, as my DD was born 2 days for yours. Is she getting enough stimulation? I only ask because I observe more frustrated behavior, on the days we do less. Especially now, as the weather is cold and we're stuck inside. Also, many people tell me the 1/2 ages are tough for some reason. I haven't noticed this, but I read it a lot. We started a 2-day, morning only preschool which has helped with her tremendously. It's not for everyone, but it...
So sorry! My DD broke her ankle, just above the growth plate at 18 months old. We had those "pet steps" near our bed for an elderly cat...She was goofing around on those, slipped and came straight down on her foot. The orthopedist put a cast on her leg from foot to just below the knee. She did really well, actually. She started walking on the cast right away and it stayed on for 3 weeks. The hardest part was NO baths. The cast came off after they did x-rays to...
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