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Yep, I'm done with squash and melons. Too much trouble. I'm adding WAY more Basil this year. I learned about the best ways to get a ton of leaves this year, but I only had about 5 plants. I'm still desperate to divide a lot of my perennials. I'm hoping some mamas will come by this spring and help me. I've got tons of Shasta Daisies, coneflower, black-eyed susan, liatris, it goes on and on. Sunflowers are my passion. I'm collecting some seeds during the...
Those books look great. Choosing a book is so personal. It really depends on what you're wanting to plant and learn about. Truly, I would pick which book appeals to you and your senses. Sometimes, I like looking at lots of pictures. (Magazines are a cheap way to do this) Other times, I want to read and read. Also, do you have a local library or used book store? I like to go grab a bunch of books and see what hits me.
Quote: Originally Posted by female18- What did you say breastfeeding for? I think she made a funny.
Quote: Originally Posted by Sandstress "when they're ready to sleep unswaddled, they won't let you swaddle them." Yep. DD wouldn't sleep without it until about 6/7 months. After that, she slept in the craziest positions. It was like, a switch flipped...no swaddling whatsoever. Babies tell you....l
Quote: Originally Posted by caspian's mama casi got a 4g ipod nano on solstice morning. i spoiling my only!!!!! Sweet! We had such a fun day....we bought DD her first playkitchen. She's 20 months and it was amazing to watch. We gave her a certain stuffed animal (puppet) I knew she would love. It was priceless to watch her reaction. It made my heart melt. It makes me look forward to future celebrations, for sure.
Preschoolians are notorius for great shoes and horrendous customer service. There used to be a website called Preschoolianssuck.com! I would just keep trying and follow through. Have you tried See Kai Run? Also, Pedipeds are launching a toddler shoe this spring! Those shoes are our favorite. But, DD is 20 months and quickly coming to the ends of her 18-24M Pedipeds.
Thanks to all! I went with the Creme Brulee. (Pumpkin spice) I wanted to make the Boston Creme Pie, but I was worried it might upset my Mom. They were married 35 years and she made this for him on special occassions. My Dad did all the cooking in our home, he was an awesome cook and taught me so much. We sure missed him at dinner last night, but we had fun. As he ALWAYS did!! Happy Holidays everyone.
I was so surprised! He had an oil painting done of DD. (From a picture I took) It is so sweet and beautiful. She's 20 months old today and we had a ball this morning watching her open gifts.
Quote: Originally Posted by MammaB21 WOW!!! Thanx so much!!! This is exactly the conversation I just had with DH. This is exactly how I want to handle it. Allthough DH has a little harder time with it. It is just hard sometimes to not get frustrated by it. Also, I have noticed that most all the tantrums start with us saying 'no', or restricting her behavior. So I think the ruit lies with us finding better ways to re-direct her attention. THanx for...
Quote: Originally Posted by Chimpmandee Consistently correcting him EVERY time he does it is the only way to get it to stop. This is an excellent article that, while dealing with a slightly different problem, may help shed some light on why he is behaving this way and how to deal with it. Best of luck. I like that article. Thanks for posting it. We have 2 cats (older) and a new kitten. So far, DD (20 months) has been very gentle and...
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