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DD is 20 months and just started up with the tantrums. It's a lot of fun when she lays flat on her back in the bookstore. I just stand by and let her work it out. It doesn't embarrass me, so I let her get it out to some extent. That seems to speed the process vs. fighting her or forcing her to walk etc... At home, I try to get down to eye level with her and tell her I can see that she's upset and frustrated. I ask if there's anything I can do to help. She usually...
That is awesome! Enjoy your 1st Christmas together. It is something very special.
Quote: Originally Posted by Shaina what do you want? tell us Let's guess... The Wii? Chia Pet? The Clapper?
Quote: Originally Posted by MissAnnThrope I'll be ok. How do people do this? I see you're expecting...otherwise I would say get a nice glass of wine! Try to cherish your "me" time! He's trying right?
Awww...they'll be fine! I'm with you, I HATE the crowds and traffic. It's like DH doesn't even see it. He took DD (20 months) to Babies R' Us at noon today. It's the only one in town and is crazy on a normal day. He (and she) weren't even phased. He's ready to hit the malls tonight. Um, no. Enjoy your time alone. And, stop peeking at your accounts....you'll ruin the surprise!
I'm bringing dessert to a Christmas Eve family dinner. Just few friends and family, nothing fancy. What would you want for dessert? (We're having crab legs and lobster) I love to cook, especially bake. My thoughts: -Creme Brulee (Chocolate maybe) -German chocolate cake -Boston Cream Pie (a sentimental favorite, my Dad's favorite and it's our 3rd holiday without him) Maybe something new?:
Yes...to not RSVP is rude. I'm thinking maybe because the Holidays are in the middle of getting the invite and the actual party, people have forgotten. Just a quick email checking in to get a head count....
Quote: Originally Posted by Stayseeliz It certainly is a lifelong struggle. I lost over 100 lbs as a teen and kept it off until I had kids. Lost it all after my second child but gained a good bit during my last pregnancy. It gets annoying to have to watch everything I put into my mouth all the time and having such a hard time losing weight. Certainly a liefelong thing. I was a little disappointed. I was hoping a girl would win. I think it's unfair to...
Actually, that's pretty cool. Bumpers are expensive.
I would have said "Amen Sista...now where's my Atheist Tribe?" Oh, and you could change your Senior Title to "The Lone Heathen."
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