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I think it would be really cool and different to have a season in a cold climate. Survivor-Antarctica or North Pole!!!! I guess the crew would be miserable and we would miss the blurred out cheeks. Water would be easy, they could just melt snow. Less bugs and critters....frostbite's rough, though.
Just watched the finale from Tivo...I was rooting hard for Denise, but just as long as Courtney DIDN'T win, I was ok with whatever. It was kind of a let-down ending to a pretty good season. I thought Courtney's comments about Denise were awful. She's such an ugly person on the inside and out. Yuck. I wonder what she thinks when she watches that back.
Arrested Development. Seriously, one of the best and funniest shows ever. Trailor Park Boys (For my Canada mamas) I second That 70's Show Reno 911
Some of those guys are selling those stupid magazine subscriptions door-to-door. He used the exact same line..."Could you look at this card for me?" They are very pushy and usually rude when I say no solicitors are seen at my front door. I second the idea NOT to initiate contact of any kind. There's no reason to.
Quote: Originally Posted by katheek77 Maybe *I* need another dog...or a pet rock. I think that's the way to go. I need to find a rock, paint it, name it something cutesy.... How about Rocky?
DD hated hers. Sat in it for a few minutes at a time. (Sold it on eBay for more than I paid for it....woot!) I agree with posters who mention it's "forcing" a baby to do something they're just not ready for. DD far prefered to be propped up in her Boppy with pillows around in case she toppled over.
Quote: Originally Posted by caspian's mama y'know, with a buildup like that, i kind of expect photos. *drumming fingers* Ok, Ok...I just didn't want to come off like a braggart or something. We feel Baxter is very gifted for an 8-10 week old kitty. We're all about AP for kitty cats and we would never, never let him CIO. I gotta vax him though, or the Humane Soc. could take him back! This is Baxter attempting to get along with...
You look very much alike... Hang in through the bad days, good ones will follow. I lost my Dad 3 years ago and it's still very painful. Especially around the holidays.
Yay, a new one tonight!
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