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Quote: Originally Posted by mightymoo Don't tell anyone I do this, because It's completely against their agreement, but I ship packages via UPS to the same destination, then I put the tracking numbers up on my package racing website where users bet on which package will win, show and place. I bring in about $100K a year doing it, its quite lucrative. Reminds me of the Seinfeld episode when Kramer and an associate bet on airline flight...
Quote: Originally Posted by BlissfullyLoving I cried during every single episode. This was the best and hardest show I have ever watched. Yes! I'm re-watching every episode, in order. A friend and I do this every Sunday night and call it, "Six Feet Sunday." It's such an amazing show. Plus, the DVD's have cool extras and comments. (We also try 2 different bottles of wine....every Sunday)
-Six Feet Under -Biggest Loser -Extreme Home Makeover (I'm either hating it ie..Ty yelling through the megaphone or crying)
I'm with Verizon and just started getting these too. About 1-2 a week. My DH said it's because I give that # out when things ask for a phone #, instead of my home phone. And, that the no-call rules have expired in regards to telemarketing. I will be contacting Verizon for sure.
Quote: Originally Posted by Jennisee While this is true if you are watching live TV via Tivo, you can put the Tivo on Standby, and it will record one channel while you watch another channel on regular TV. We have to do this on Tuesdays when The Unit and House are on at the same time. Good point...with my DH's convaluted and complicated set-up, we can't easily switch back and forth. Plus, I rarely watch the main channels.
I hope you get your Tivo. It's the best. -You can just hook up the Tivo into the cable connection you use. Tivo could give a **** about how you get your cable. They just want your 12.95/month. -The 12.95 is WELL worth it. It what makes Tivo, Tivo. Also, they have a great child filter program, where you can lock channels all the time or during certain hours. We have a HUGE subscription list, so Tivo will record our favorite shows. -I haven't read all the...
Quote: Originally Posted by sugarlumpkin Its not even that cute!!! Yes, BIG hugs and positive thoughts for you. I would love to see a list of folks who purchase Kello Kitty watches that cost as much as my first car. I mean, to each his/her own and money is all relative...but dang.
I saw this and laughed.
The centering is happening for me as well. I'm on several other vb boards which are fine. Even the Reply button is waaaaay off to the right. Happened after lunch 12 est....
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